Global Gathering 2019 - Day 8 - Pipe Process Retro

Actions in ATT Pipe

What is the purpose of this session?
Have a retro on the development pipe - understand what’s working / not working, ideas etc and sharing the love’

What outcomes/deliverables do we want?

Who is facilitating? Rachel

Who is scribing? Kirsten



  • issues are clear with templates / bite-sized pieces
  • clearer issues and stories
  • huge improvements - inclusive, collective & transparaent
  • people are handling the demands so gracefully
  • there is always work to pick up
  • good process on tech debt and sys admin
  • great for focus and deliver space
  • general quality - this is an amazing, high quality team with tech, product skills etc - very motivating
  • smooth testing
  • lively and exciting - i remember when whole days with no one else online, and now lots of activity all the time
  • we are building and delivering things AND we include tech debt - we’re not just driven by sales people and who shouted loudest. (Previous job - affected quality for team and we kept losing people)
  • super mindset in terms of team, open to every suggestion, take time to listen to suggestions
  • awesome delivery pace - meaningful release every 2 weeks is awesome and amazing
  • categorisation of the issues - we show this off because the issues are so well triaged that anyone can jump in “in regard to github issues, the best project I’ve seen ever”
  • how well synced product and devs are
  • dev team, awesome discussions and reach agreement quite easily - every one is open to discuss and change their minds no problem
  • spree upgrade is team effort
  • whole people - we bring our intelligence, emotions, intuition all brought to the job
  • as a non-it guy - the team is so strong that you can help us a lot


  • Bottlenecks . . everywhere
  • Severity / priorities of ‘bugs’ are hackable
  • so many demands in community
  • wishlist -> inception can be information overwhelm
  • hard to balance t - need more balance between features and bus
  • inception process only when there is space in the pipe
  • spree dependency
  • zenhub columns - i hate them - can be very overwhelming and people a bit lost
  • dev ready column - maybe 10 things in it is too optimistic
  • notfications / information too overwhelming
  • takes too long to prepare a release - compared to other stuff it’s taking too much time
  • i feel like our pipe is hampered because we have these ‘old style’ features that we can’t get rid of - want to see the pipe at 100% of possible quality
  • toggl - we don’t have a clear view of how our resources (hence money) is spent
  • some things get stuck in beta for ever
  • outside the tech pipe - get a sense of clash between tech and product and it feels uncomfortable, but then you don’t get the understanding of when it is resolved / everyone’s loved up etc
  • can be difficult to measure how hard you are working - hard to communicate that you are working a lot


  • ok to do little things
  • handover of tasks?
  • closing epics: subs, PI
  • now - API column in zenhub?
  • bring all the things to the pipe
  • better DOD (definition of done) space
  • software architecture and tech debt (silicon valley 40% of budget)
  • information management - need to ping people so they know what to look for
  • release -> comms translation
  • dev comms strategy

Sharing the Love
Everyone!! see picture

  • thank you for trusting me to do my job
  • thanks everyone for doing the impossible - when I think of the situation at early 2017 it’s amazing how far we’ve come
  • trust in ourselves and each other
  • respect
  • courage and openness
  • fun and humour
  • collective intelligence (beehive) - things emerging from our collective brains, both remotely and especially when we’re together
  • express my gratitude to this network - you are helping me a lot to feel I’m in my ideal world


  1. Better DOD / closing epics - Myriam , Rachel
  2. Balance - tech debt / product / things devs want to do or don’t - % tech debt, we have already set some balance. Also bring sys admin / operations into the pipe - Luis, Rachel, Myriam, Danni
  3. Communicating externally what the dev team does, and what the new features are. A better comms strategy to developer community to attract devs. and internal - that devs get better feedback from users, including product and instance managers by devs demonstrating their work (release review) - Pau, Rachel, Jen
  4. Information management
  5. Devs picking up issues across timezones - put note in wiki to say “post in slack if you want someone else to pick your issue up overnight” - Maikel
  6. Delivery train meeting - ALL DEVS must be there, and if you can’t you MUST send an update beforehand about where you’re up to - on slack delivery-train channel - Pau to update on wiki ‘team commitment’ page . .
  7. Pipe hacks - keep discussing bug severity in the bug channel and calling out pipe hack when we see it
  8. Toggl Actions
  • Pau is in charge, he will create new projects to match activities
  • Pau will bring summary / info to delivery pipe check-in