Global Fundraising circle meeting - 9 of Sep (Thursday) at 20:00 (Irish time)

link for meeting here

Updated Agenda (following on some of the comments made in previous weeks + click links for pre-discussion):

For this meeting we will need:

  • a facilitator (it can be me, but doesn’t have to be)
  • a time-keeper (we have an hour so let us make the mos of it)
  • note-taker(s) (probably better to have more than one person so that everyone can have the chance to participate)

Feel free to add your name :wink:

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I suggest two additional items:

Agree on general assumptions around fundraising for OFN, like

  • “user fees do not provide enough financial support to an instance” and
  • “all OFN instances and the global OFF are not for profit/nonprofit/benefit corps in their country” and
  • “we don’t take money from people like Amazon”

Scope and purpose of our work together - who is this meeting for and what does this circle do?

  • Specific focus is fundraising for the global organization
  • Circle will provide feedback on country/regional level funding applications as requested but will not do or provide training for how to write a grant
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As a contribution to the scope item: This circle should focus initially on bigger funding applications (100K or over) that can support the overall global platform. Either for tech support or other needed areas (eg.: communications; coordination; etc.).

On the long term it could also work on setting trainning sessions but this should not take place at the start.

I am happy to be a note taker. I suggest we only record decisions and actions. Is this OK?

Here are the links for the philanthropy contacts

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@NickWeir thank you for the context, now just one last item is there is a plan on who should be contacted first? are we going to be deciding that in this circle?