Footers and links

There are two sections for external links at the bottom of the page:
This first area which has links pre-set in the code:

Where should they should be set to go?
OFN Global

OFN Sites

and this area which is configurable at an instance level: (see notes below)

Keep in touch - social media icon links can be changed by Super-Admin > configuration > content:

As far as I know, all instances direct LinkedIn to the OpenFoodFoundation
This also links to the global FB page, and a pinned post there offers redirects to the instance specific FB pages once they are established. See discussion here ping @Jen

Email is set in its own field and “News, Calendar…” area are all completely customisable (remove if not valid, or add others should they be required

Note: the Navigate section is a copy of the top header links, this is stored in the code, but can be customised shold an instance have a need to do so, such as the AUS Connect and Learn set up or the UK Blog and Support links

For USA, I like the idea of linking to the new got book version of the user guide. It’s very nice.