Focusing in for the first half of 2019 - a proposal for the global community


Hello everyone and in particular @Kirsten @MyriamBoure @Rachel @lin_d_hop @nick @sauloperez @luisramos0 @tschumilas @MSFutureFarm @lauriewayne1 @Theodore as instance owners (who can ensure anyone else in their local world who should see this is directed here :smiley: ).

Myself, Kirsten, Rachel and Myriam caught up this week and chatted about the state of the product development process and pipe this week in terms of:

  • Trying to push too many discrete features through at the same time and spreading our dev effort too thin.

  • Having too many things still in the pipe from a long time ago (product import, subs)

  • Voting for things that don’t necessarily fit into our 4 focus areas (#makeitgreat, #techforfuture, #network #singleteam) and the fact that our diligence in using these focus areas has waned.

  • The fact that sometimes local needs for a particular thing are great and yet when it comes to voting these things will never see the light of day.

  • The custom/bespoke things being built for instances that in some ways can be seen to subvert the global prioritisation process but that can also be used by other instances and could be better included and considered in this context.

The discussions and responses to these points were things that we felt the global community would like to be involved in, so we’re bringing 3 agenda items to the global hangout next Tuesday (aka Monday way too early for our North American contingent).

But prior to this we wanted to pre-arm you…firstly with this list above so you have time to think about these things before the hangout. And secondly, with a proposal we would like to get approved in the global hangout on how we focus our attention in the delivery pipe for the first half of 2019.

Please come along to the global hangout next week where we will put this proposal to the community for discussion and approval. And talk about the other tensions above and find a resolution.

2019 Q1/2 software improvement goals (proposed)

Goal #1 - Clear out the delivery pipe to have only 2 features being developed at any given time.

This means we would do a spree and a mobile ready, or a product import and a subs. Not all of them at once and keep piling things in on top of them and never delivering any of them.

Goal #2 - Spree upgraded to 2.0 (FUTURE PROOF THE TECH PLATFORM)

We’re getting there, it’s close, we just need to close the deal this half and then review the other dependencies that can/potentially should follow this work.

Goal #3 - A concentrated focus on MAKING WHAT WE HAVE GREAT

This means we do things that are specifically improving the functionality we have now and not building out features to have more functionality. Things like:

  • Mobile ready

  • Clearing some severity 3 bugs we have in the pipe that are annoyingly annoying and bad.

  • Map icons that make no sense.

  • Enterprise admin UX pain points that suck our users’ will to continue.

  • Performance issues (so slowwwwwwww!)

  • Taking the first step in improving reports by exploring how all instances can easily have Zapier set up and in use if they want it.

  • etc

Enable customers to pay (partially or fully) with their credits

amazing! thks for putting it together. perfect.

i think goal 3 can include the current work to document the api.


It’s also already in the delivery pipe, prioritised outside of the prioritisation process (but for good reason given it is being worked on by a separate team to the core dev group). Thus it fits goals 1 and 3 :smiley:


Thanks a lot @danielle!

I’m really glad performance is on that list. It is something @Rachel and I chatted about in one of the FOSDEM’s cafes. I wanted to share a new discourse thread but I think it fits perfectly here.

I want to stress the need to focus some of our efforts on performance. It is nothing new that the overall performance of the app is already awful but what concerns me is that it could become a serious thread in the future because it might discourage others to join.

I feel like with Portugal growing in terms of shops, given the interest from Oikos, and italians wanting to give it a try, besides Katuma’s own growth, might lead to another bloated instance as the main ones already are. Again, this would have implications in terms of food hubs wanting to join, necessary for our sustainability.

Lastly, the single instance topic is becoming increasingly important and with current performance this is impossible.

However, good news is that there few rather straightforward actions we can take to remedy this, as I already explained few times. I’m quite optimistic about it. We just need to spend some time on it. That’s all I wanted to share.


#singleinstance :hearts::hearts::hearts:


I also think we should make decisions on the above that move us toward a single instance. And we aren’t experiencing performance issues here yet - but yesterday I was showing someone what OFN will look like once its populated and went to the UK instance - OMG - I was embarassed at how slow it was! So if this is what people mean about performance issues - yes we have to deal with that.
I also want to ask - @danielle - can you just remind us here - what other issues are already prioritized and in the pipe (like document API that @luisramos0 mentions above. It would be good to have everything on my dashboard for our discussion.


Hiya @tschumilas you can always see what the state of features in the delivery pipe are via the product feature backlog. I keep it up to date as best I can based on what comes out of conversations and decisions on here :slight_smile:


I love the specific list of things we can do/finish now. I am thinking of the single instance idea and wondering where to find discussions about the size and scope (and a description) of that effort.


TShirt size of single instance is XXL - OFN must support all currencies, all instance specific configuration must be unified, taxes, legal requirements etc etc etc.

A key prerequisite of single instance is speed/efficiency improvements. Much more worth scoping and prioritising aspects of this at this time.


Good news all - we had agreement at the global hangout that the proposed approach and 4 goals are ALL SYSTEMS GO!

:tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

I’ll have a look later this week at what this means for our delivery pipe and also what the contenders (on and beyond the list) for goal #3 could be and also how they should be prioritised.