[FEAT] Deletions on OFN

Deletions on OFN

This piece of work is to implement the possibility to delete entreprises / users / order cycles / groups / orders / product to improve the user experience of the OFN and solve some bugs as well.

People working on this project:

Add the names and link them to the people managing or doing work on this piece of work.

Where to get information about the project

Scope specification

An initial discussion about the scope of this work happened here.

WIP scope here

Project managment

Progress can be viewed here on the GitHub project.

Edit: GH project has been closed and icebox item opened here.

Project team slack channel

#deletion (not yet created)

Co-budget bucket

No bucket has been opened for now, Open Food France will finance the work on that.

User guide

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I think we should finish the discussion started here first:

Yes yes sure, gain I just set up the project management tools for me to understand how we are going to move forward, but yes nothing will happen until we have agreed on the tech solution, and we are going to review and make sure we have thought about all the cases with @danielle and @sstead also :slight_smile:

Hi there, very exciting stuff!

I think you definitely need @sstead as a user/system expert on things as you design the solution. I also think you need @oeoeaio as a technical expert as well. I’ll only get involved officially when you’re starting to look at putting this into production/a release. And of course I’m happy to support you if you have any questions or would like me to look at something @MyriamBoure :smiley:

Once you’ve determined timing for when you’ll start then we can figure out who will be available in Australia to act as your dev reviewer - if it’s this year then it will likely be @oeoeaio because @maikel is going away in October and not back till early December. Just keep in mind that we will need to prioritise Subscriptions and any Spree Upgrade work for Rob over anything else.

You will definitely need @sstead for testing, she knows how to find and break things so well that the devs are always a little in awe of her skills :grinning:

I think that’s everything from the australia side of things. Let me know if I can be of any more assistance!

Thanks @danielle I understand about prioritization, but this is pretty urgent… we are illegal today in France (probably not only in France, I guess data regulation apply in other countries) I don’t know what is the risk but we could get a fine if someone from the admin get interested into us… of course maybe they would just warn us first, but not great to be publicly mentioned as not respecting the data protection law, so we want to avoid it. So I hear what you say, and we have @Augustin and @pierredelacroix to work on it so we can try to take as less time as possible from @oeoeaio but we need some support at the begining to agree on how we do that, so that we can start :slight_smile:

Looks like another case where we put new feature / technical debt / legal conformity and bugs at the same level in terms of prioritization, we’ll need to discuss that in Aus in December :wink:

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I think it’s also about the different legal requirements in different countries @MyriamBoure…which then points to a broader discussion point which is what should the expectations be for each country and their developer/test/etc people in prioritising their own needs around/over/within the priorities of other countries. Big topic!

Sure @danielle :slight_smile: I agree and in the prioritization criteria for me the first one is “existential” : if this is not done, an instance could be closed down (= big legal matters). I’m not saying yet this is the case here but part of that work is really an existential risk for some instances (I’m dicussing with some friends who are dedicated to those issues at EU level), I’ll explain in the legal discussion but there are some consequent risks around data protection matters in EU. From next May especially with new EU law enforcement. But yes, big question…