Enterprise Index Rebuild

Continuing discussions from Business model configuration and Update registration wizard

Phase 1- solve immediate Enterprise type selection problems

  • as Ent User, I can see and change types of my Enterprises
  • list of Enterprises I own, showing name, Producer/not-Producer [basic controls here? button to ‘edit’ opens enterprise management? visible?]
  • easy type-selection for multiple enterprises I own
  • Type selectors - drop down beneath each row, hidden if selected, open if not yet selected, can open by clicking?
  • differ depending on whether Ent is Producer or not
  • if Producer, has 3 options: profile; sells own; also wants to sell others
  • if not producer, only two options: profile; sells others
  • if either 'sells others 'type is selected
    • set User to own up to 5 enterprises
    • someway of saying this has happened
    • button somewhere to request more, sends us an email?
  • If Enterprise type not selected, Enterprise not active
  • some way to see if contact email not confirmed?

Note: Phase 2 has been moved to a separate page for Enterprise User Accounts

So I’m thinking Phase 1 of this is pretty much a revamp of the Enterprises Index page for enterprise users, we can keep that page as it is for Super Admin.

I would argue that the enterprises index for enterprise users as it currently stands is pretty close to useless (I don’t use it at all). I think making it do all of the things that we want to do as part of enterprise type selection and issue messages would be a great use of that real estate. It could:

  • Retain a link to the profile edit page for each user
  • Allow easy configuration of type within the structure of the table
  • Clearly display any warnings or issues associated with the enterprise in once place in a way that doesn’t limit us from having new types of issues in the future (eg., it’s not visible, it doesn’t have a type selected, it doesn’t have any shipping or payment methods, the contact email is unconfirmed, etc, etc) and provide a link to a page which enables the user to resolve the issue at hand (or to dismiss a warning if they want to ignore it).

First crack at the type selection interface:

  • interface drops down below the relevant enterprise when the user clicks anywhere in the type column (need to visually indicate that this is going to happen)
  • Create a bit of a flow as shown by the arrows: choose whether you are a producer, then choose whose products you sell (options are dynamic), then check how much it is going to cost you, then update your type by clicking the button at the end
  • Copy is going to be tricky in such a small space, but there should be room for tooltips to explain all the things if we need them

Messaging around errors/warnings:

  • Basically just a table with a list of issues, a basic description, a link to more info (tooltip/modal?), and a link to a page which will allow the user to resolve the issue, possibly also one to ignore (a bit further in the future).
  • use of colours and icons to indicate presence and type of issues
  • probably should sort by severity, and sort enterprises with issues to the top of the table?

Other things

  • Is the enterprise limit is more of a user concern and that we shouldn’t change it automatically based on what enterprises they have. Should be more of an upgrade account type thing maybe?
  • Most of the stuff in Phase 2 is a separate page? Maybe we can provide a basic estimate of monthly cost in the top level rows of this enterprise table, but all of the other stuff belongs on a separate page: “My Account”

Hi @oeoeaio - feedback / thoughts on screen grabs you sent through, combined @sstead @serenity and me :smile:

Producer / Non-Producer


  • top level can stay the same
  • text in selectors
  • doesn’t need second descriptor / byline
  • title could just be Producer or Other Food Enterprises


  • Serenity thinks it should be a checkbox on the right, then when you choose one or the other the colour and copy changes
  • a bit confused about the green? is that selected but unsaved? think introducing another colour unnecessary - just black for selected and button is red showing me that i need to save is ok


  • Top level labels confusing? Could be Profile; Shop; Hub?

Producer shop

  • do not need both Profile Only and No Shop - they are the same, a profile can have products and sell through Hubs.
  • Combine into Profile; existing first para copy ok, 2nd para should say “you can also create products which can be sold through other Enterprises on the Open Food Network”
  • Profile doesn’t need a byline
  • Producer Shop byline ok; copy ok
  • Hub Shop byline - “Sell produce from self and others”
  • Hub Shop copy - include something about coordinating distribution with other growers in your area?

Hub Shop

  • Profile byline: ‘connect through OFN’; profile copy - remove 2nd para
  • Hub Shop byline: ‘sell Produce from others’. Copy is fine - could include a note at bottom ‘if you also want to sell your own products, you need to switch to Producer’

@oeoeaio can you confirm or adjust these spec notes for @sstead testing this this morning? (it’s rebuilding after a push this morning and should be in staging in half hour)


  • I’ve gone with “package” rather than “type” as it it a bit more descriptive

Registration and confirmation *confirmed by @oeoeaio

  • New enterprise registration - panel returns to front page as before
  • When the user has only ONE enterprise (ie. this is their first)
    • Email confirmation link takes you to admin; full page package selector
    • They cannot get to the dashboard until they have selected a package, as it redirects to full page package seletctor
    • Once a package is selected, they can switch their package from the dashboard
  • When the user has MORE than one enterprise
    • if the user has any enterprises with no package selected, they will be sent to new enterprise index page to select types

New Enterprise Index

  • check everything to see that it works! :smile:

Status field isn’t displaying correctly…

Just a slight point of potential confusion, not major though …

Perhaps the opening line could promote the value of a profile more positively… ‘a profile makes you visible and contactable to others and is a way to share your story’ … like the hub profile one “People can find and contact you on the Open Food Network. Your enterprise will be visible on the map, and will be searchable in listings.”

And then follow with the line about not needing a shopfront.

Also the second line could be rephrased:
“Add you products to the OFN, allowing hubs to stock your products in their stores”… the current phrasing sort of suggests that you can showcase a product range in a profile, which isn’t quite accurate.

Slight revisions to copy for Producer Shop…
"Sell your products directly to customers through your very own Open Food Network shopfront.

A Producer Shop is for your produce only, if you want to sell produce grown/produced off site, select ‘Producer Hub’."

looking good, couple of little things I’m picking up that I think we could get through in a later branch (i.e. not push stoppers :smile:)

Immediate - v1.0

  • text changes
  • under producer selector, should not say ‘primary’ producers, just producers
  • link to user guide: banner at top of dashboard OR red button next to ‘change package’ that opens user guide in new tab (global.openfoodnetwork.org/platform/user-guide/)
  • same at top of enterprises page

as soon as we can

  • status not yet working

  • need some way to handle request for >1 enterprises - or at least tell people about it . .in the meantime can we just watch and upgrade those users, hardly foolproof but could do for a week or so. @sstead - what does it say in the user guide, does it say they have to email us for more enterprises? - @Kirsten I’ll add a line to documentation saying to email us at hello for now (Sally)

  • OR button at top of enterprises page saying ‘request more enterprises’?

  • Enterprises page

  • add optional columns for visibility control; owner switch

Change to ‘producer hub’ copy…
Change this (You aggregate produce from other enterprises and sell it through your shop on the Open Food Network) to this (You can sell your own produce as well as produce aggregated from other enterprises through your shopfront on the Open Food Network.)

all looks good to me. One thing though that might help with the business
model configuration stuff is to have the text in the 'packages’
configurable elsewhere rather than hard-coded, then people on the different
instances can easily set it to describe their set-up

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@openfoodnetwork @oeoeaio Just wondering if this has been looked at…
“the text in the ‘packages’ configurable elsewhere rather than hard-coded”?

Hiya @lin_d_hop,

Looks like it is on the radar but not allocated to anyone at the moment that I am aware of. How are you going for time at the moment? I am very happy to offer suggestions if it is something you’d like to take on…