Enterprise can create a Series of recurring Order Cycles

The Order Cycle is a fundamental organising principle in the OFN. It controls what’s available in shopfronts, to who, how much it is etc. To enable Customers to have standing orders with Hubs, a shop/hub needs to be able to connect these orders with future Order Cycles

So, we need to know which future order cycles the order will apply to. So first we need to create a ‘Series’ of Order Cycles, so that we can create a collection of order cycles to which this order will apply.

This series could be a season e.g. taking orders for our winter mixed vegie box; a type e.g. orders for our monthly bulk foods order (but not for veg or meat cycles)

Phase 1:

  • Create a ‘Series’ of Order Cycles - so that order cycles can be linked
  • Manually clone and connect order cycles into a series
  • Enable changes in one order cycle to flow through into others in the series e.g. Update
    • only this
    • all future
    • all series
      (this is needed so that the series can be set up at the start of the season, but if you want to remove or add something you don’t have to remember to do it every future order cycle for the rest of the series!)

Phase 2:

  • Auto-create recurring series e.g.
    • (look at and copy from calendar repeats for flexibility?) e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly, every second tuesday etc
    • until dd.mm.yyyy? enable infinite or always need a finish date?

Continued in the discussion from Standing / Repeating Orders