Enable Matomo to measure backoffice and actions

What is the need / problem ?

We have implemented Matomo on all instances now (except Norway I think) which means we have data on pages in frontoffice, which is already very cool :tada:
However most inception work is occurring on backoffice currently. Moreover, pageviews is a nice indicator but having data on particular actions/elements would be better.

Who does it impact ?

The product team mostly. The users in a way because this tool can help us build a better platform.

What is the current impact of the problem ?

We have no data on how the backoffice is used. Neither do we on particular buttons/actions.

What is the benefit of focusing on this ?

Enable Matomo on a larger perimeter would help us to take decisions not based on feelings or how often and strongly some users are reaching to us through our support system, but mainly on figures (which have of course to be analyzed carefully).

Potential solutions that will solve the problem ?

On action tracking, Matomo Events seem to be an interesting option : https://matomo.org/docs/event-tracking/ but we need to access the tracking code, which is not possible through the UI right now. We would have to investigate how to do this without having to ask a developer each time we need to add one.

On backoffice, my guess is just that Matomo needs to be allowed to access the backoffice. Again, we need to investigate how to do that considering that each instance has its own access.


  • Selection of a feature candidate
  • T-shirt size of our selected feature candidate
  • Metrics to measure if need is satisfied after feature is implemented
  • Feature owners
  • Epic/projet where you can follow implementation
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pinging @danielle @mbudm @Mario just fyi when looking at matomo

We’ll be looking at Matomo for the shopper flow @Kirsten, definitely not tackling the back office as part of this particular piece of work.

Regarding extending Matomo integration to back office we have the following options (according to Steve Roberts):

  1. Simply use the current configuration settings in the instance manager screen to determine that admin pages can also be tracked.

  2. Change the instance manager configuration screen so that instance managers also have to explicitly agree to the admin pages being tracked

  3. Add a setting to the enterprise settings page, allowing the enterprise to opt out of their admin pages being tracked

In today´s product curation meeting was agreed on a preference for the 1. simple solution: if an instance is integrating Matomo, tracking of both back office and front office should be enabled by default.

Like this the decision if analytics are enabled in Admin is on enterprise, not on instance level:
Enterprises will see the same cookie banner as shoppers and have the option to opt out.

-> tbd if there is a better way to communicate as allowing analytics in backoffice will be helpful for improving the product but cookie banners from user perspective are likely associated with something negative

@Jana just to be sure this was clear in our previous discussion, but currently Entreprises already are seeing the cookie banner and can decide to opt-out.

So basically with the simple solution we wouldn’t introduce any further message in the app. We will just extend the settings each user chooses in /#/policies/cookies to the admin side of the app.
However all instances who are currently using analytics with Matomo are welcomed to inform their current customers about this change.

@Rachel Yes, clear! But maybe phrased not phrased clearly :slight_smile: “Enterprises DO see the same cookie banner as shoppers and by opting out they will switch off tracking both frontoffice and backoffice at same time”

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Pinging @Eugeni @Sophie_Duponcheel_BE @hhomann @tschumilas @lauriewayne1 @Permakai
@tschumilas @lauriewayne1 @Permakai @hhomann
@romale for the instances that do have matomo set up/planning to set up and were not in the product discussion

Can I clarify - are we able to set up Matamo for this now? Or does something need to happen first? @JessC @dthomas

As far as I understood, there is no need for any changes on your side @tschumilas.
With the simple solution we plan to go for - unless there are any concerns raised here - for all instances that have Matomo set up and running (which is the case for OFN Can) or planning to do so, the tracking will be extended to Admin per default.