Product curation meeting #21 notes - 8 September 2020

Continuing the discussion from Product curation meeting #20 notes - 25 August 2020:

Done since last time we met

Spree 2.1 and Rails Upgrade

Hub’s suppliers can prepare individual orders for the hub’s customers (@Kirsten + @sauloperez) - ??

Current view of roadmap

In play

  1. Stripe SCA compliance phase 1 + automated tests (@lin_d_hop + @luisramos0) - Luis will create issues for the automated tests work, reminder to delivery train that this is now the number 1.

  2. Mobile shopping improvements (@danielle + @maikel) - product listings branch being retested currently, need to consider whether the change to the image size will impact on image quality and therefore some pre-release comms/work is required by each instance with their users. @maikel will confirm if there is any degradation and we’ll make a decision based on that. Still waiting for all the small finishing tasks to be completed.

  3. The BI database replica for use with Metabase (@lin_d_hop + @Matt-Yorkley) - not sure where this is at, no communication from @Matt-Yorkley, not sure if he’s away. Lynne to chase. Seems to be changes, but no visibility on specific progress.

  4. Allowing shoppers to agree on T&Cs (@lin_d_hop + @sauloperez) - In play, first pass going through review and testing, couple more issues after that and it’ll be done.

  5. Rails Upgrade 4.1 (@luisramos0) - has around 30 broken specs, a small task. Next thing to be picked up once higher priorities for Luis are done.

Next up

  1. Stripe SCA compliance - subscriptions (@lin_d_hop + @luisramos0) - ready to go, stories in GH, probably need to do a sanity check but to all intents and purposes it’s ready to be picked up.

  2. Rails Upgrade 4.2 (@luisramos0) - not yet started.

  3. Consumer price comparison (@Jana + @Erioldoesdesign) - inception has started, rough next steps are outlined, ready to be designed and organising initial user validation.

  4. Invoice number system (@Erioldoesdesign + @Rachel + @luisramos0) - waiting for re-inception

  5. History of invoice changes (@Erioldoesdesign + @Rachel + @luisramos0) - waiting for re-inception

  6. Networking pt 1 (@Kirsten + @luisramos0 + @Mario ) - No update since last week, @Mario can you add an update in the comments below please, so we have an indication of next steps :pray:

  7. Adapted weights and measures (@Jana + hopefully @luisramos0?) - original issue is in code review, where products can be in imperial units, however there are other areas where this measure hasn’t been converted. Additional issues will need to be created and done. They’re minor things like enterprise fees by weight. Will use Matomo to decide which of these small things are used enough to warrant prioritising. Also, were automated tests included in this work? Will testers have to now look at both imperial and metric when testing the product list? <- @luisramos0 are you able to provide some insight into this?

  8. Improved reporting (@lin_d_hop + @Rachel + @Matt-Yorkley) - no update from last catch up, need to integrate community feedback into planning. Low in list at the moment.

Notes from topics covered in the session

Stripe SCA compliance work prioritisation

In terms of StripeSCA vs Rails upgrade.
StripeSCA is quite a lot of work. I think we should break the epic in smaller parts.
A. StripeSCA - Improve Stripe automatic tests
B. StripeSCA - Make StripeSCA work with Subscriptions
C. StripeSCA - Delete StripeConnect code (only after roll out of StripeSCA for Subs)
D. StripeSCA - Extra features (phase 3?) - I don’t think we will need to implement all of the issues in to roll out StripeSCA for Subs
I think we want to prioritize A and B for now. C will need the roll out of B to happen and that will take some time before C is actually dev ready.

:point_up: in terms of prioritising C and D which aren’t in the list above, @lin_d_hop will let us know about these in the next meeting.

Content UX volunteer

  • We’ve fortunately got a highly qualified UX content designer who has volunteered to work through the platform and review one “flow” per week (aka a job like “add a product”) and look at optimising the language used, adding this to the english master version, and updating the equivalent section of the user guide. She’s going to be working with @EmilyRogers and will be connected to @Erioldoesdesign. Her first step is to write out the process and plan to share with everyone.

Matomo in the backoffice?

  • Does it need to be in the roadmap?
  • Not a lot of work is required by devs, should be done quite easily.
  • @Jana will create a discourse post to highlight the matomo on back office plan, and put forward a position that the affiliates can comment on. Preference is to turn it on by default, if they want an option to turn it off then we can add that capability next.

Re. Matomo in backoffice there is a wishlist item already that could be a starting point. Enable Matomo to measure backoffice and actions


@Jana looks like @sigmundpetersen has made the task an easier one for you :point_up:

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Re 12. Adapted weights and measures: PR that is in review solving original issue is here:

New issues related, tbd if solved in separate PRs.
1- Enterprise Fees: the weight calculator does not work correctly for enterprise fees with products in lbs
2 - Shipping: weight calculator does not adjust to imperial
3- BulkOrderManagement: final weight volume displayed in grams