Enable customers to pay (partially or fully) with their credits

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One Food Hub reported back that currently they manually either update a spreadsheet with credits, or make cash refunds or make tiny bank transfers. They report that this process takes ~2 hours a week.

These are exactly the kinds of tasks that make users want to walk away from OFN. I would make a strong case for this feature being part of:
Goal 3 - Enterprise admin UX pain points that suck our users’ will to continue.

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Totally agree - at some point these things aren’t just stopping new enterprises from joining - they are also damaging our reputation out there.



More than reputation and onboarding - this goes against our mission - to help values-driven food enterprises to be viable and efficient.



Lack of this feature is the main point stopping us from using OFN now.
How can I help to make it move forward?



Find us funding and recruit more developers so we can increase the size of the pipe :wink:



This wishlist item has gone through voting and is now ready for inception phase. This means it needs a product owner to run the inception with all interested stakeholders, and preferably a Tech lead that will be main responsble for the chosen feature implementation.

Who are the product people atm? @Rachel, @lin_d_hop, @Kirsten, @MyriamBoure, @tschumilas anyone else? @lauriewayne1 maybe?

So @berteh you can help by following, giving input and being a part of these inception sessions.

Read more about the inception phase here Scoping a Feature Candidate in an Inception process



I’d love to be product owner of this feature!



@sigmundpetersen while this is true in terms of process, those are our following priorities : Focusing in for the first half of 2019 - a proposal for the global community Until they are done, I think we shouldn’t spend too much time on inception, given that things might change from now until the time the result of the inception is ready to go into the dev pipe.

When we will be ready to do inception again, I believe we will need to coordinate our effort among the product team and split the work to be done accordingly + organize peer review.

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As soon as it’s at the top of the list (post-what @Rachel linked to above) then you are free to be the product owner @lin_d_hop!

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We’re exploring turning this into issues for the DevHack so I’ve been brainstorming feature candidates: