Do we want to propose a session for the OuIShare Fest?

The OuiShare Fest 2016 is under construction, and we have until 29th December to submit proposals. Shall we propose a session around the Open Food Network?
The entry point could be:

  • Platform interoperability for a truly open food system (in cooperation with FoodSoft?)
  • Adressing the root causes: platform cooperativism at the service of a resilient food system
    … any idea? People who would like to propose them as speakers? Or we can propose a panel, gather different people, The Food Assembly, FoodSoft, Food Dashboard, OFN…
    Ideas welcome :smile:

@Kirsten @serenity @Selmo @NickWeir @lin_d_hop @CynthiaReynolds @alvarosaco and everyone :slight_smile:

We have until the 29th December to propose a session!

Platform cooperativism could be a growing/popular topic following stuff like and

I think this is a great idea (although won’t be available to help much). I think the broader open food movement is a good framing and a focus on interoperability e.g @elf-pavlik would make for great discussion and engagement.

I like your idea @serenity and I think in a panel like that we can definitely integrate the platform cooperativism thing… @wvengen @elf-pavlik would you like to be part of panel around “The Open Food Movement: how food platforms can cooperate to build together the future of our food system” Who do you suggest to associate? Of course we can propose TFA (we had a first discussion with them on the topic). Any other suggestion?

Was someone able to get in a proposal in time?

Sure I did :slight_smile: I proposed a panel discussion on the open food movement as described bellow, which can cover also the platform cooperativism point. I proposed to put around the table OFN, FoodSoft (@wvengen), The Food Assembly (if they accept), P2P Foundation (Michel or Julien Cantoni, the French connector of the P2P Foundation who is also a strong supporter!) and… I don’t remember if I proposed someone else :-o Anway, proposal has been sent @serenity :slight_smile:

Great! Have you heard anything back from this @MyriamBoure ?

Yeahhh! Just got an email yesterday and the session has been accepted :slight_smile:
It will be a panel discussion about “The Open Food Movement: how food platforms can cooperate to build together a decentralized and sustainable food system?” that I will have the pleasure to facilitate!
The topic/format can be little bit reframed, the curation team is coming back to me early march so that we can work together. If you @serenity or @Kirsten were planning to come, that will of course be a pleasure if you could represent the OFN voice :slight_smile: But I know you want to avoid flying and that the European people should take care of what happens in Europe, I’m just proposing in case :wink:


Fantastic news Myriam !!! Oh I wish we could come but might be a bit much this year I think!!!

Anyone want to apply?
I won’t have the time to handle it, but if someone wants, please go ahead!!!

I am attending OuiShareFest but that process sounds pretty intensive and would need more people involved IMHO!

So cool you are coming @pmackay yeahhhh! I’m looking forward to meeting you :slight_smile: I’ll keep you posted when i have more info about the round table on the open food movement :wink:

Can we still register? … If it’s affordable for me, can see if I can attend the event. Would be a nice chance to meet like minded folks… By may I might have a better understanding of openfoodnetwork too…

That would be so great @sreeharsha ! You can apply for “hacker tickets” on the ouishare fest page, and don’t hesitate to mention me and the open food network in your application. I am sure I can manage to find a way to host you in Paris, I got lots of friends there and my family as well (even if a bit far from the event place, it’s ok). So you’ll still have to pay for your flight ticket… and the hacker is around 50€. You can also say that you are interested in kickstarting the OuiShare community in India, I remember you mentionned it somehow :wink:
@pmackay do you have an accomodation or do you need me to find some nice people to host you?
@marito59 and @nickwhite, and @CynthiaReynolds will be there as well, maybe that will be the occasion to organize an OFN get together, and you can also dicuss with the French team about the way you have organized the connection between local and global in UK :wink:

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@myriamboure I think I’ve got some accommodation, but many thanks for the offer!

Hey @MyriamBoure I’m thinking about coming along too. I have to look into how much it would cost me to come over to Europe, but if I was able to afford it the possibility of accommodation in Paris would be really helpful :smile:

Also, if I did come then I’d spend some time in the UK and then I could meet up with @NickWeir and @lin_d_hop and @pmackay and @Sara as well.

I’ll be doing my sums over the next couple of days to see if I can manage it. Will let you all know!

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Hello OFN ouishare crew! Has anyone put hand up to put in application for accelerator?? Its due on MONDAY 7TH. Could use a lot of last year’s application? Would seem a missed opportunity if a group is going to Ouishare anyway? @danielle @pmackay @sreeharsha @marito59 @nickwhite @CynthiaReynolds

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to ouishare this year, my funds won’t stretch far enough :cry:

I would have coordinated our application @serenity, but the problem is that I will be facilitating other sessions during the Fest so I can’t be only on that for 3 days (as far as I understood, the winners will be working on their project during the whole Fest). Also as we won last year I suspect that they would favor other projects… but anyway if the others who come would like to be part of the program we can still apply :slightly_smiling:

Is there any way to know if applying again could be successful? I’d agree that if we won last year, it may not work again!