Delivery circle meeting notes - January 4th

Facilitation: Rachel
Notes: Adrien
Team: Filipe, Matt, Lynne, JB

Board overview:

People status:

  • Matt: Split checkout. Payments were tricky, needed to change current processing before modifying it (-> couple of PRs). Still needs lots of automated tests, one last PR to be pushed, others already submitted. Christmas hacking session on tech debt and small bugs. New PR on CSP (security feature). Some things came up during the PR (angular, inline scripts, etc. Some elements of the stack are blocking more security settings to be enabled).
  • JB: Couple of PRs on split checkout too. Agrees needs more tests. Continues on imperial units (back from test).
  • More on split checkout:
    • Split checkout tests: who? Filippe can create issues?
    • Meeting today with Filipe and JB around split checkout and analytics.
    • Priorities: finish it, increase automated testing and do manual testing.
  • Adrien: Active storage migration really complicated, new issues constantly arise. Would like to keep it to one day a week and work on other topics. Split column names should be fairly small so skip to that.
  • Nihal: Currently sick
  • Filipe : New manual tester recrutement. One small point on bulk ordering testing, and then split checkout.

Other funded features:

  • DFC: PR blocked in code review.

In dev:


  • Rachel: several problems on stripe, user complaints each week. Lynne: should we work on this before SP is deployed? Matt: lots of refactoring on stripe, tackled one issue. Should wait to tackle these issues after refactoring are deployed. Moreover deploying new SC will maybe fix some bugs but introduce new ones. For now: relationship management with end users. What to do: close these issues?


  • Hiring manual tester. Filipe: new slack channel dedicated shared with delivery team? JB thinks too there are lots of interactions between dev and testers so it should be good to give some point of view. Be a part of an interview rather than follow the whole process. Post to slack to see who wants to be involved. 4 candidates.
  • API: Lynne: lots of good ideas from Olivier, useful, maybe not all well suited with OFN. Discussion to be continued in next meeting.

Here’s the discussion thread around tailwind choice: Tailwind, 5 months after: review, pros and cons. What should we do?