Delivery Circle meeting notes April 6th

Current view of roadmap

Finished since last meeting

In play

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  1. Map improvements with Julie PR Improving user discover on ofn map Still pending one more PR review :pray:

Next Up

Ready To Go


Ready for Inception


  • Networking pt 2 The continuation of this work will wait until @Mario returns.
    *Mario is back to day job and working out OFN capacity.


This is a feature that has dedicated funding. We need to discuss pipe split!!

Hiring is a priority. We need to be actively seeking developers.

We’re going to try the first funded issue. We now have a ‘Core’ pipe and a ‘Funded’ pipe. We’ll ask everyone to track the hours the spend on this.
We have questions:

  • How hard is it to track this on Clockify?
  • Is the overhead of tracking more than actually doing the work?
  • What will be the best funding split or time management strategy?

First issue - Spike on authentication :tada:
Needs a developer to look at it. Needs to be led toward a decision by this developer.
TODO - @rachel to create an issue for this spike.
Need to ask @apb . If Andy is on Rails5.2 then that should be his priority. If not then perhaps this can move into dev ready.

We agree that we won’t move on to the next feature in the ‘Funded’ pipe until we have retroed and updated our process on this first attempt.

Tues 13th at 6pm UTC
Lynne to facilitate and Rachel to take notes.

Adjustments update:

The current major piece is this one (it’s in testing at the moment): I mentioned it in Slack before, it enables enterprise users to apply Tax Categories to Shipping Methods and replaces the old global shipping tax setting.

After that’s merged the next big piece is cutting the polymorphic associations on the adjustments model down from 3 to 2. This is already finished but I haven’t pushed it yet (while it’s blocked).

And after that’s merged the next big piece is updating the way tax adjustments are stored for additional taxes. This is also basically finished. I want to write a few more specs for it though.

And after that’s merged there will be a couple of smaller pieces and some tidying up, and then we’re done.