Delivery circle meeting notes April 13th

Current view of roadmap

Finished since last meeting

None, but Rails 5.2 got a green build YAY!!!

In play - Core Pipe

Contributor in play

  1. Map improvements with Julie PR Improving user discover on ofn map The PR didn’t pass manual testing. Waiting on Cillian and Julie to know if they have room to finish up.

In play - Funded pipe


Next Up

Ready To Go


Ready for Inception


  • Networking pt 2 The continuation of this work will wait until @Mario returns.
    *Mario is back to day job and working out OFN capacity.


New sysadmin pool

@lin_d_hop can you provide an update on where we are at?

Contributors PR

Previously we were closing PR when contributors would not be around anymore to finish them. Since a couple of month, we’ve decided to move them to dev ready to see if the core team could finish them.

But this is not working, we have too much on our plate to work on stuff that aren’t prioritised. So we are moving back to the previous process.
This means that if Cillian and Julie don’t have time anymore, map improvements would be closed for now. Any thoughts @Kirsten @maikel ?

Tues 20th at 7AM UTC
Lynne to facilitate and somebody to take notes.

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Thanks for the update, @Rachel!

I find it very sad to simply close a PR when the contributor cannot finish it. Especially in this case there has been invested a lot of time and help already - also by the core team. We shouldn’t throw that away.
I understand that the core team can’t finish this, but what would you all think about proactively offering this PR to other contributors to finish?

@konrad just maybe an info worth considering: closing a PR does not mean that the PR disappear. Anyone can still have access to it and reuse it if they want. So it’s not thrown away. Github keeps everything :smiley:

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