Delivery circle meeting - February 21st

Main keypoints:

@maikel made good progress on DFC and will move on helping Gaetan on vouchers

@Gaetan is starting vouchers now that his first PR on BUU is merged

@abdellani is fixing the last bits on the tax reports + s3 bug (if there are blockers he will stops and wait for feedback). After that he picked-up the s2 that was opened yesterday and he will try a first draft PR for invoices.

@dcook is on webhooks + node + he did a recent PR on API.

In terms of how our current priorities are, we are looking at the following (I used the previous list I did to compare):

If anybody is stuck there is still one s3 : Changes to incoming/outgoing products lists triggering 'failed to update order cycle' error · Issue #9292 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub and one papercut Estimate work needed to allow producer to edit their products on hubs' orders · Issue #9049 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub that have been prioritized by instances and haven’t been picked-up.

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Thanks Rachel

Regarding node: I’m not sure this is directly a dependency for Webpacker, although it could very well be.
I started it simply because the first part was quite simple and because I was looking at it. I thought the next part would be simple too, but tried a few methods that didn’t work. I have written some notes on next steps, but I won’t prioritise this because there’s clearly more important things.

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