Delivery Circle - 24 january 2023

We have a new member - welcome @Gaetan :tada: :tada::tada:

Docker for Deployments

@heroinedor submitted a PR for dev environment; but we need some discussion on how to move forward. Discussed a rollout plan: first staging, testing, then production.
Plenty of open questions… Not enough in the meeting to make a decision on moving forward.
Setting up a meeting for discussion.


Filipe @filipefurtado

  • working on Test Ready column
  • API/Request tests
  • investigating GH actions for deployment in staging

Mohamed @abdellani

  • Tax reports
  • Invoice changes (displaying included tax)
  • Shipping method removal/update

JB @jibees

(pleny of things? Please complete! :slight_smile: )

Maikel @maikel
(taken from #delivery-circle)

  • Background reports has been deployed and we can experiment with activating it.
  • DFC is going slow with time zone ping pong.
  • I resolved some tech-debt.
  • I’m currently working on activating Metabase for all managed instances.
  • I’m ready to start with split checkout work tomorrow.

David @dcook

Working on #9616 and webhooks and unblocking rails 7 upgrade

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I will try to do a summary here of our priorities as a team and where everything is at. Assignments can change and of course please comment if I’ve missed anything!

  1. Unblock @heroinedor - see meeting link above

  2. Get report performance improvement released: @Rachel will liaise with UK team. the plan is to try out a big report with 1 user first, then extend to everyone and see if everything is okay. FR can be used next, but results will be biased as FR has a daily auto-restart of puma currently. It’s important to note that report’s API is not a background job, so if UK uses a lot the report API, results can be biased as well

  3. Split checkout. Apart if we see some issues while testing the only issue left is this one : @maikel will have a look and if we can’t reproduce we will close it for now and move along with opening up the feature to end users.

  4. Tax report. @abdellani estimates he has 2 days of work left before being blocked and awaiting team feedback to finish :muscle:

  5. DFC product API : this is on standby waiting for the DFC team to move forward

  6. Back office UI Uplift : @jibees is stuck on the columns PR. @Avi I hope you are feeling better, maybe something you can help with? Otherwise we need to swith to the CSS solution.
    As @jibees needs a pause on stimulus reflex @maikel will try to dive into BUU at the end of the week
    It’s important we move forward with BUU not only because we started this work a long time ago, but also because it’s the first step before other new features (network project). And the next step are partially feature-funded, so we will have funders to update on this one.

  7. API test automation : @filipefurtado is leading this :muscle:

  8. Bye-bye angular : this is our current tech-debt in play. Before adding too much new stuff, maybe we need to decide if this is something we leave as parallel work, with @avi as main lead on it (@Avi don’t hesitate to update us on how you feel about it - maybe you are getting tired of this work and need a change) - or this is something the team works on and we try to get it done.

  9. Getting the first webhook out : issue #9616 @dcook is on it :muscle:

  10. Issues #9850 and #9593 should be handled before we start anything new ?

  11. Replace rails Webpacker : if I understood correctly this is something @dcook is keen to work on.

  12. Vounchers work are make it to the pipe as funded feature: @Gaetan will work on it :muscle:

  13. Getting our invoices legally compliant: a dev validation of the solution written here is needed before product can create issues. Maybe something for @abdellani and @jibees to pair on?

  14. Metabase will soon be live again for core instance thanks to @maikel :tada: . If we still encounter issues after that, before spending time fixing it, we will need to assess if we want to pursue the metabase path or transfer all dashboards on another view powered by N8N.