Community Pledge - v2.0 - May 2019


There is a sense that we need to review the Community Pledge v1 as our community evolves, adds new products, and iterates on the pledge process that has now been in effect for two years.

Section 12 of Community Pledge v1 outlines a procedure for reviewing the pledge:
“This pledge is currently closed for review and suggestions. It can be reviewed upon request by opening a thread on the community forum. At least 3 Affiliates need to agree that there is a fundamental need to review the document before any modification can be passed on.”

Current affiliates as accepted by the community in V1 are listed below, are there three of you who would like to review V1 of the pledge?


Thanks @Jen for opening that thread ! As discussed in global gathering many of us shared some needs to evolve the pledge. We listed the things we felt some need for improvement in the notes from the global gathering session here.
So yes in the name of Open Food France I agree that we need to evolve the pledge and we are already working on a new proposal that we are going to share soon !


Thanks all. Yes I agree there is a need to review the pledge on behalf of OFN UK :slight_smile:


I agree that we need to review on behalf of OFN Australia :slight_smile: