Global Gathering 2019 - Day 8 - Pledge

Tasks in Airtable

What is the purpose of this session?
Gather the current needs and painpoints of the current pledge.

What outcomes/deliverables do we want?
Process and resources to update the pledge.

Who is facilitating? Maikel

Who is scribing? Rachel


What is the pledge ?

The main intention is to have some form of constitution
Rights and obligations of all stakeholders.

Current skeleton:

  • Who are the stakeholders ?
  • What is the OFN ?
  • Responsibilities of members, expected contribution
  • Definition of type of members (Associates, affiliates, contributors, service providers)
  • Process of joining the OFN community, process of leaving the community
  • Signature of all the different stakeholders.

The pledge as a “legal” power.


  • Do we need the complexity of supporters / contributors / service providers? => Let’s keep them
  • The new definition of OFN is not yet described in the pledge
  • Options for flexibility? Example of Oikos / Oxfam needing specific contracts.
  • Does anything needs to be change around local branding?
  • We have to chase people around to sign it, the process is not clear: should we make signing the pledge mandatory before anything starts? / Onboarding issues
  • How to notify people about changes?

Flexibility topic

We need to add a paragraph on how to deal with the specific contracts. Even if there is a specific contract, each organization is supposed to sign the pledge as well.

How to deal with more products?

We need licenses for all the products, not only dev ones.

When we produce something under the Open Food Network brand, we need to licensed it open source.
Who’s the owner? => Open Food Foundation by default?

Branding : what does using the logo / the brand entitled people to?

We encourage the community to use the branding. The basket must be used by everyone.

Clarity around white labelling

=> we need to help people to to better communicate about the OFN (provide them with one short sentence): force associate to link to the global website, within one click away of their home page.


Jen will coordinate the review. Myriam & Kirsten will draft the first version.