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Looking to integrate a bulk SMS sending software for enterprise marketing purposes. Will allow shops to remind customers about closing order cycles, promote products on special and alert to any changes in delivery etc…

At first glance, this provider appears to be the most affordable at 6.49c for 1500 messages bundle (purchased prepaid with 12 months until expiry).

It allows for single texts to be sent, or for bulk texting to an uploaded contact list. The user interface is straightforward.

@sstead any further activity on this?
In India most of the folks kind of dont check mails that frequently, and sms would be a default here for order confirmation , and also on the enterprise side too, given some of the people in field cant access internet in remote areas, this might help a bit too there.
Wanted to check whats the requirement w.r.t other countries on the same is too.


This is probably best done with an API integration to an SMS sending
service, or frontline SMS software which can be self hosted.

Hi @sreeharsha it’s still a feature which has demand, but it’s not a priority at the moment. Just ran the idea past our devs and they said we’d need to find an integration which would work internationally, or be able to be switched in/out.

hn: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1726381

I am doing some comparison from here

current benchmark I found oun twilio site is cost to site of $0.01 per sms
send in India, $0.02 in Denmark,

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We use a bulk sms service for Stroudco in the UK, but obviously not linked into OFN. It’s just a very straight forward once a week job to remind people of order deadlines. It can also be scheduled in advance. We don’t use it for order confirmations.

Even if someone could provide a global service, I’m not sure I’d want to entrust someone outside our jurisdiction with all our members mobile numbers. I went for a provider that promises to send sms’s direct to the UK networks with no middle man, no routing via third parties / countries, etc. Of course it costs money, so if something was integrated with OFN, then passing on the charges would add to the work.


Cool, thanks @Oliver , @sstead & @NorthernColorado.
Agree we need to have local instances.
But if there is a facility we can setup within OFN (api,content etc) and put some standard thought process, I believe plugging in local players in each country would become simpler.
Agree that content would be restricted as its a sms, and would be text, but I still believe sms has its importance, and last minute reminders, confirmation of orders etc via sms would be welcome in many scenarios.
One nice example from SmallFarmCentral based out of USA is as below .



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I have made a good bulk sms comparison here https://www.smscomparison.com.au/bulk-sms-australia/

The issue for many readers here though is that the table is Australian based with AUD dollars. The same players though are in most markets. Hope it helps.

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