Bulk Import of Product / Inventory

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Updated at the top but probably easy to miss all the way up there…

I’ve done some work compiling my interpretation of the thinking so far into this document. Ambitiously titled Data Import SRS. Still more to do including some UX prototyping.

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Please take a look, comment and suggest changes!


Looks like a good plan @lin_d_hop ! Will a CSV downloader of products/inventory be implemented at the same time? We don’t currently have a report that dumps all product data- this could be a good starting point for enterprise who want to update an existing product list.


@sstead yeah i think this would be good. Perhaps this could be the second report in the reports overhaul and we could add in P/I download to that? What do you think @Kirsten

Thanks for your comments about multiple suppliers. I was thinking that this should be a future feature but maybe it does make more sense to scope it out from the beginning…? I’ve updated the doc to capture this, would be great if you could take a look and let me know what you think.


BTW, it would be worth using the data package and related specs (see http://frictionlessdata.io/data-packages/) to define a CSV format. Its a good framework for a well-defined spec and there are tools built by Open Knowledge and the ODI we could use.


Playing around with how the interface might look…


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I’d like (some of) us to have a hangout to discuss this feature as soon as we can. It would be great to get proper dev input and move to a point that we can sign off on the spec so that next steps of the process can begin… issues on github… aaallriiiight

[FEAT] Product Import

I am pulling together an agenda for this hangout here. I have linked in this discourse thread, Is there anything else I should link in? Any other thoughts on the agenda?

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closing off thread. This is in development and further discussion should occur in the [FEAT] post or one of channels named there.

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