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This piece of work is a phase one attempt to enable a shopfront to import/update a set of products from file.

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Hey @lin_d_hop @MyriamBoure @Rachel @Kirsten @Matt-Yorkley do you think now that the product bulk import is pretty much done that it’s time to figure out what the next piece of bulk import work needs to be done? From what I understand there’s still more work to be done to make it sing (e.g. images), so perhaps someone can take on the job of creating a new icebox item that covers the problems that we have with the current version of bulk import and then we can look to prioritise this alongside of everything else?

What say you all, is this important enough to continue working on some more? Perhaps Myriam, you’ve already started this as part of your redefining of the product import scope earlier this year?

@danielle I had opened this page Product import: release 2 need specification to discuss about next steps. Let’s wait for the release to have happened and people have played a bit with it, and then we’ll follow the priorization process to answer new needs that are not yet covered.

I would say that Product Import v1 can move into done. There is some work to be done and quite a few bugs popping up as a result. UK are using the functionality and it is buggy. It needs more specs as it is breaking with other work and releases. Issues that come up that block the current specification can go into bug fixes and we can start to explore v2.

Hello, @guido and I have experimented Import functionnalities. Where could we show our experience and demand of improvement ? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey @Theodore, please create a new post here on Discourse with your findings and file it under the ‘Wishlist’ category

Sorry, I don’t understand witch result I need to add. thanks for help

I was just replying to this

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@Rachel perhaps something you can talk through next time you’re chatting to @Theodore as I’m not sure whether this is a request to improve product import functionality or get assistance using it and provide insights to the rest of the community on how they are using it…?

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