Beautiful and well-communicated VALUES for OFN

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At the core of our project lie the values we share. They are the “glue” that holds us together, the “boss” of our community :slight_smile:
We are all here because we believe in something that motivates us to participate in this project. So we are already a value-driven community and although we can feel that we all share them, those common values are not yet explicitly stated anywhere (note the absence of a “Values/Mission/Vision” section on our website - 10/2015). And that is the purpose of this thread…

  1. proposing a draft of the OFN values and
  2. inviting you to give your feedback/comments on these and last but not least
  3. encouraging you to add or share some more creative input, such as colours, songs, photos, videos, links etc that illustrate how you feel about a particular value or how this value inspires you.

As we did with quite a few things during Deceleration Week, we sat down on the floor and drew a picture… in hope that it might inspire a more visual representation of our values. We were trying to illustrate how these values play together and we found that they are related to four more general spheres: Land, People, Organisation and Systemic Change, which in turn can be arranged graphically to look a little like our logo… Have a look.
The actual list of proposed values can be found in this google document - where you can freely add your input. Yay!

[normally anyone with the link has editing access to this document - should you have problems editing it, please post this below and we’ll assist]

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Hi everyone! And thank you @tschumilas, @NickWeir, @MikeiLL, @CynthiaReynolds @sigmundpetersen and @serenity for your inputs :slight_smile:
I have made some modifications to the first version to take into account your inputs (see comments in the google document). It probably still needs to be a bit worked on, but I started to work on the visual aspect of it so that we can move forward.
I suggest:

  • to create a page on / about / our values (could event be the first sub menu!)
  • in that page, write a short intro text and embedd the following prezi: (need to be reworked on graphically, I’m not at all an expert on that, just doing what I can with my very basic skills :wink: We also need to add for each value one multimedia ressource, a video or an article, or a song! To make it more interactive.). There is a plugin on to embedd a prezi ( and I think it’s better to “Constrain to simple back and forward steps” because prezi can be a bit confusing if you are not used to zoom in and out freely :wink: So we can make a “path” to discover our values.
  • in that page we can also, after our values, share some links about sister’s organizations whose values resonnates with ours (like futureoffood mentionned by Theresa)
    What do you think? @serenity I think you have the webmaster role (I just checked in the spreadsheet with the people & roles ;-)), what do you think about that? Ping @danielle also.

If anyone has another proposal about how to present our values, please share :slight_smile: I took an easy one as I have no coding skills :wink:

Hi there, I’m looking after the global site updates at the moment :smile:

I’ll add this to the backlog of work, as I will need to figure out what’s involved in doing what you have requested, including whether I need help from @RohanM in terms of plug-ins and the such. Which will mean adding a card to the backlog, and figuring out which bucket of money can pay for any dev time (and designer time, if you feel we need to get someone with design skills to rework the Prezi?). I come cheap (ie. free) but I don’t have the mad Wordpress skillz to do all the things :disappointed:

Hi @danielle!
For the integration in wordpress, I’m not sure how much time it would take from @RohanM, the website gives you the link to put in the html code, but it seems as you say there is a plugin that needs to be installed and is on the website. If @RohanM has no time maybe we can ask @marito59 or @nickwhite? I don’t know how “collaborative” that can be as the wordpress website is hosted on the Australian server, but as we don’t have budget for that let’s see if some people can give time :slight_smile:
You can watch this video which shows how to embed a prezi then when the plugin is in: It works only with, not the .com (good for us as we have a .org). And let’s try to find some volunteer contribution from a designer, I’ll work on that on my side :smile:

@MyriamBoure, since is a self-hosted instance of Wordpress, embedding the prezi is just a matter of

  • installing the Wordprezi plugin in Wordpress
  • going to to generate a shortcode with your prezi URL
  • and going into the page or post where you want the prezi to be shown and paste the shortcode

and that’s all. It should not last longer than 10mn to do so. I sure can help but I will need an admin login to wordpress, so it’s probably best to do it on your side.

Thank you @marito59 for the input :slight_smile: For info @danielle I found someone who is going to help me work on the design aspect of the Prezi early February.

About the responsive aspect, @danielle I found this article and tried:
It seems that you have to download a free app “prezi viewer”, and the app looks really good. So on the page, the result is just an image with the button to see in the app.
You can try and see if you think it will be ok… or if we should think about another support to present our values.

Great, sounds quite easy!

Once you’ve got the design of the values done @MyriamBoure I’ll sort out creating the page and embedding the prezi file :smiley:

Hi @danielle, hi everyone!
I finally moved forward on this question, it’s now time to proudly share our values and decline them in every local instance, so that the people who gather around the OFN can identify to those values. And make it more clear to our users also what values we ask them to share :slight_smile:
I made a simpler design on prezi and found an illustration to each of the values we collectively wrote. Of course this will be a permanent beta, so we can anytime propose a change to those values, and the good thing with prezi is that it is “public and reusable”, so anyone can take it and adapt it in their language, or modify it, so it’s a resilient collaborative work :slight_smile:
That would be awesome to create a page on the global website and embed this prezi :slight_smile:
Of course if anyone want to propose a modification or change an illustration, please fill free to propose it in this thread :slight_smile:
I don’t know, in the way it embedded, is it easy to change it if we change version of this document @danielle?

Ping @NickWeir, @lin_d_hop, @Kirsten, @serenity, @CynthiaReynolds, @fraschelo, @tschumilas, @MikeiLL, @sreeharsha

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Oh yes. I love this presentation! Would love to spend more time with it, but constrained at the moment.

Hi there everyone,

I’ve (finally, sorry about the delay!) put up the OFN values on the global website as a first draft, you can view it here:

@MyriamBoure I haven’t put the prezi onto the page for this draft, I’ve listed out the 9 values and put a link to the prezi at the bottom. Keen to chat with you about how we can put the most pertinent content on this page and also have the Prezi available.

Let’s chat about the next version and I can make the changes once we’ve agreed what they are :slight_smile:

Wonderfully presented indeed @MyriamBoure .
If every decision we take here in India can be run through these values and stand strong, I believe we should be good.
But, as it should be there was a strong debate amongst our team on how we can practically talk about these when we approach farmer coops, consumer groups etc, and we ended up on a debate mode, and said we are not yet “openfoodnetwork india”, we are “TRYING TO OPENfoodnetwork india” :smiley:
There was a strong debate on what can be adjusted and what cannot be.
Need to spend more time on it.
Btw, there is a different group of people in India who work with similar thought process who run 2 organizations called reStore & OFM, they have been operating since past 5years, and have set a splendid example. I did have a deep discussion with them about OFN, but they were worried about the fact checking of the Organic market, because now, they visit each and every farm and then decide to involve them within their network. So OFN’s OPENness didn’r ring a bell there.
Also please read this wonderful writeup “reStore our Community” by Sangeeta Sriram, one of the leading woman in the sustainaibility moevment here in India, who inspires many a lot like me.


Thank you @danielle that looks good! And now I can refer to that page when I tell about “being aligned with the values of the community” with new people willing to set up OFN instances:-)

I’m just wondering about the way the prezi appears when we clic on the link, it’s not super “front end” looking, or user friendly, so I found a way to make the prezi appear in a “full screen view mode” when you clic on the link, so I would suggest to replace the link behind the button “take me there” by this one:, that should work :slight_smile: And no need to go further in embedding the prezi I guess then :wink:

Thanks @sreeharsha for sharing this beautiful article, it resonates so much with all what I believe in! And I think most of us here believe in :slight_smile: It’s interesting because I think we kind of share also this necessity of building trust, but within OFN, this role is not played by the platform, but by the hub manager, who build its own network of producers, and ensure the trust in his hub. He doesn’t need to work only with certified farmers, he can create it’s own trust system, as exemplified in the reStore example. But for me both can work together, again, OFN is just the infrastructure layer that can support those kind of meaningful initiatives :wink:

I updated the link to the full screen :slight_smile:

This are two initiatives I would like OFN is cooperating with and learn from them how to involve people. The energy of people. Here I feel OFN is a bit weak.

Here I wrote down my ideas our video communication of what we stand for:

On common GDrive.