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[WARNING: You’ll need a bit of time to read this. This is a very important thread, as it concerns how we manage OFN on a global level. It’s connected to a few other threads… so there’s a bit of reading here for you… but it’s worth the read and we tried to make it as entertaining as we could. And we hope you have something to say about it.]

##Quick intro:
In early October, @Selmo @lin_d_hop and I spent an intensive week together working on the global OFN project with a number of coaches as part of a so-called “Deceleration Week”.– We looked at what is OFN global (since the need for a global structure/process has only really arisen recently), who is involved, what are their roles, how do we work together, what are our global processes and structure etc.
We followed a simple, three-step approach: From an in-depth analysis of the status quo of each of those points, we noted the tensions arising from that and then identified potential actions/projects that could address those tensions.
But because there were only three of us at that week and we’re a global community project growing every day, we’re now rolling out the results of that week’s work to the community in order to create the global processes and structures together. And we decided that this forum is the most inclusive, transparent and efficient way of doing that. Enjoy!

##The important stuff:
So we came up with a roadmap of 5 projects that we would like to move forward on, slowly but surely, with the contribution of all those interested :slight_smile:
Below is a list of these 5 projects - if you are interested in any of them, just subscribe to that thread to receive notifications.
You can also add ideas, comments, and jump on tasks you want to take part in via the new Trello Board

1) Beautiful and well-communicated value board
At the core of our project lie its values. So before we expand internationally and build structures/processes etc… we need to be clear on WHY we’re doing this.
Read the following post and share your inputs, definitions, multimedia and inspiring materials we could use to build an interactive value board that we can then communicate to all people who want to join our community! Our values are our boss :slight_smile: Beautiful and well-communicated VALUES for OFN

2) The wonderful OFN “contributors mill”
As a growing global project, there are lots of people already involved, many more interested and new ones getting involved every week, on many different levels from a local village food hub to the international development team. So what are the different roles that exist?
Read the following post, see if you recognize yourself in it, if you can place yourself in one or various areas of this mill, and please give us feedback to improve this visual representation of our community and the different regional/functional teams. Contributors' Mill

We did a lot of thinking on these first two and the below three points, but as we don’t want to overwhelm you, let’s start with the above two for now. We’ll flesh out the last three points with concrete proposals through Discourse in the coming weeks:

3) Clear and light communication tools and processes
It’s not easy to know which tools are used for what by who, and who should have access to which tool with what access/editing rights. We would like to propose some visual representation of communication processes to make it more understandable.

4) “The access game” - a smooth way to get involved
The idea is to draw an interactive PDF as a journey to help orient potential contributors to the most suitable “entry point” into the “contributors mill” in order to make their process of integration into the project as smooth as possible.

5) Lean collaboration and decision making processes
The idea is to create the space to discuss global operations coordination and processes in an efficient and joyful way, enabling us to prioritize tasks and strategies and take decisions together.

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