Be able to put range of units rather than single units

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From Some potential OFN improvements from a small Normandy producer

I am using ranges of weight for some stuffs like pumkings or even cabages for instance. Would it be possible to include this fonctionnality on products ? Like instead of puting |1| |kg|, we would enter |0.75| to |1.25| |kg| ! That would be really more efficient for me as producer and nicer to read for clients rather then in the product description currently.

For this one, I would like to have feedback ping @lin_d_hop @Kirsten @luisramos0 @sauloperez @tschumilas is this something shared accross instance? I’m guessing if we enable this, we want users to be able to change the unit type in /admin/orders/bulk_management as well. Would this introduce any issue?

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Hello hello,
I am not sure I understand what is the need exactly.
Is the “display as” field not enough for this? (Unité Affichéé in French)

Yeah - what @luisramos0 says…

In the UK people use this function for meat and cheese. Sometimes the order is 500g but the reality of the pack is 521g. The product is put in as an item - “approx 500g” or “500-530g”.
You can then change the weight /price in the order to reflect the actual price of the product.

yeah, for reference, in the order page you can only adjust the price, the weight you can adjust on the BOM page but it’s not working, but it will work again soon.

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I’ve just checked with Guillaume and he is happy with the “display as” field. So closing this ! thank you @luisramos0 @lin_d_hop I completely forgot about that :slight_smile: