Be able to define the "ready for" field in the user profile rather than in the OC

What is the need / problem ?

Out of Some potential OFN improvements from a small Normandy producer

What is underlined in this feedback is that often, the OC “ready for” field is the same or has 3 or 4 options that are always the same. This producer wishes to set those options in his profile once and for all, so that he could select these in the OC rather having to type them again and again.

Who does it impact ?

All users who sells through the platform.

What is the current impact of the problem ?

Often some typo errors can appear because users are doing it over and over again.

Potential solutions that will solve the problem ?

The underlying need is to be able to create OC’s more easily. Maybe there are other solution to think of that could solve this issue as well.

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yeah, a much easier to implement alternative to setting this in the user profile would be a simple auto complete in this field that lists all the previous values used in other OCs by that user.

when the user starts typing in the ready for field, the previous values would appear.

this would be a couple of hours of dev time, the other option will probably involve new pages and a couple of dev days.

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