[API] API V1 Agreements (Feb 2023 - Aus Gathering)

Continuing from API V1 Discussions from Portugal

Discussion: Complexity in making decisions re. best places to put our energy and how to progress key things like Product API, in light of DFC, v0, v1 etc. We have seemed to go around in circles on this and get a bit stuck. What is dependent on what.


  • Keep v0 (in operation and in use) and tweak / make improvements as we go, so that we are increasing utility / stability of this BUT maintaining clear external messaging that it is NOT supported and will continue changing.

Product Endpoints

  • We will undertake the Product refactor. We cannot progress Network without it, and it does not make sense to invest in v1 Product endpoint until we have it.
    • As we undertake the Product refactor, we will update and improve the v0 Product endpoint. When the Product refactor is released, we will switch the v0 endpoint to v1 and it will become stable / supported endpoint for accessing our new Product model (yay!)
    • There will be (is?) a DFC Product Connector. This should be able to be used [hard-coded to authenticate with Les Communes, so actually there would be an additional task to make it useable by others? @maikel could you confirm?]
    • @div-yansh-1 checking N8N interaction with JSON LD

Other Endpoints

API development will generally be through funded features. When we have a use case and funding to develop and improve endpoints:

  • If there is an existing endpoint / base in v0, we will use, improve and develop this. When it is stable and ready we will move it to v1.
  • If we are creating new functionality (i.e. no existing endpoints), we will build directly into v1 and release as supported as we go.
  • If there is money for building the associated DFC Connectors we will do so. It will not be our default to build the DFC Connectors within funding for our API, unless specifically designated and additionally funded.

There will be no ‘blanket’ conversion of v0 endpoints to v1 i.e. we will be developing v1 according to need and funding. Just because something exists in v0 does NOT mean it will eventually end up in v1.


Here is a summary of the likely endpoints to be developed in 2023-24, which are already funded and where funding is sought. View in Mural here