Wish: Calendar to look up meetings

Hi all,

as far as I know there is no calendar available which is giving an overview about when OFN meetings are taking place. Nevertheless I think this would be really useful.

  • It helps new members to understand the structure, the circles, the decisions.
  • Looking for meeting notes could be much easier (first of all everyone knew WHEN to look for updates, secondly there could be a link in the calendar item to directly access it)
  • It helps to contact the right people at the right time with a certain topic (“How did the discussion about this go? Could you ask if someone has experience with that?”)

I understand that you probably don’t want every meeting open to everyone because it needs to be productive. The meetings can be private or quiet listeners could be allowed only - that’s fine. But I definitely would love to see the meetings and the notes collected somewhere.

What do you think? Has this been discussed before? Probably - but I couldn’t find much.

Second that. I’ve been trying to navigate thru the same process for the last 2-3 weeks and I’ve found difficult to get information or know who is leading what initiatives or how can I learn more about different topics. Normally if you are connected in slack and active in this forum you can tell. But I agree that having a share calendar would be a great addition.

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Hi there,
There is a global calendar.
On Slack in #global-community people can give you access.

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