Why can't I see all my producers?

I’m playing on the staging2 server trying to wrap my head around the finer details and have a couple of questions

I have a hub called Kandu Collective and 3 producers assosciated with it

Only products from the one producer is showing up when creating my order cycle though

and none of my producers are visible from the “producers” tab in the shopfront.

What could I be missing please?

Hi @lawrence

In order to display and sell products from more than one Producer, your enterprise needs to be set to a Hub, see more info here and here

As a User, you currently only have the ability to get yourself to Producer w Shop level, and you need to request from the instance operator to be upgraded to a Hub. I’ve now upgraded you (so Kandu Collective is set to ‘any’ rather than ‘own’)

The amazing @sstead is doing a magical job setting up basic user documentation in the new site. We’re not all the way there but would be very handy if you can try running through this documentation and let us know if you hit places where it’s not quite complete or correct - http://global.openfoodnetwork.org/platform/user-guide/

NB. The restriction on self-creation of Hubs is because of the complexity in getting E2E links in place to operate a Hub with independently owned Producers. If we can get people following steps in the right order most of this happens automagically now, so we will shortly be opening this up. But we’re just fixing up the sign-up process and the documentation to try and make this happen!

Because you weren’t a Hub when you created your other Producers, the auto-creation of 'Enterprise to Enterprise links (E2E links) won’t have occurred (auto e2e links) so you will need to set them up yourself

To do this, make sure you’re logged in and go to https://staging2.openfood.com.au/admin/enterprise_relationships

Each of your Producers has to give your Hub permission to add them to Order Cycles. You do this by selecting the producer in the box on the left, and the Hub in the box on the right, and ticking the box for ‘to add to order cycles’

You can always go back and give them more permission (to do other things) later, but as the Owner of each of these enterprises you can do everything for now anyway.

Try that and you should be in business!
(PS. I put your questions in here because I suspect that the response will be useful to others. It would be great if you could post ‘use’ questions like this into the support category so we can start building up the database of answers)

Thanks for the update Kirsten,

I will be spending more time with OFN this week and will refer any questions here.