Who are we? I want to know the people behind the names :-)

Thanks Myriam. I do appreciate your help and hard work. Harsha has already
invited me onto slack. Haven’t got a chance to join in yet, will join in


Not sure whether I will stick around, but I’m Jan Fabry, and I’m helping Voedselteams in Belgium to evaluate OFN as the replacement of our current webstore. I have only started doing this a few days ago, so I have been mostly reading this forum and some code and GitHub issues to get an overall feeling of the status of the project. That why you can see questions from me popping up - if they don’t make any sense, please let me know, I think it’s better to say something that can be stupid than to assume something that is incorrect.

I have been a developer (mostly PHP and Python for the past ten years, and did devops for the past five years. So I know software mostly from the side where the bugs come out of :slight_smile:


Welcome @jan.fabry ! Awesome, feel free to ask any question yes, there is no stupid question as you say :slight_smile: Cheers !

Hi Jan
I have been working with Voedselteams and Locafora to help them evaluate OFN and I am just back in the office after a holiday, so please let me know if you have any questions. You can message me here or email nick@openfoodnetwork.org.uk

Hi everyone…

My name is Roni Maulana , I am Indonesian. There are 3 of us (Budi Ibrahim, Rachmat Budijanto, myself) is in process establishing OFN in Indonesia. First of all we would like to express our special thanks to Myriam Boure for responding, welcoming, providing information, and also introducing us to the OFN Community.

We do not have experiences in food industry, but we support the open source platform and we support the concept of connecting and empowering food producers and hubs to reach new markets and networks. I have a bachelor degree as an accountant and master degree in Strategic Management. I have worked in Banking , Capital Market , Oil and Gas Industry , and also in Indonesian Anti Corruption Commission with various position. Budi & Rachmat will introduce themselves , but in short they a strong competency and experiences in Information Technology.

As a startup, we also plan to initiate and involve in Transifex Open Food Network localization project for Indonesian language. We might also contribute trough Github - Open Food Foundation Project to develop some of the feature tailor to Indonesian business situation and regulation (if needed). The localization to Indonesian languange is currently in progress.

We are also in the process of creating a legal entity, a corporation but with a not for profit motive.

We will prepare the suitable domain name for the OFN local Indonesia and provide the resource needed to establish our presence in the internet and to host and manage the OFN local system. Currently we have already reserved the name Openfoodnetwork.id for the OFN Indonesia.

As I mention that we do not experience in food industry, so for the pilot program we will start with hydroponics market since Rachmat already grow hydrophonic and have a community, We will then gradually develop other market and make necessary adjustment and develop the platform as needed.

I hope that is not too long for introduction.

Again thank you to Myriam, and all of you for welcoming us to the OFN Community.

Warm Regards
Roni Maulana


I still do not lose hope of working with the OFN community and develop interactions between the different initiatives that already exist that aim the same targets, so I think it could be useful to present myself.

My proposal to be developed:

Working story:

I studied Commercial Engineer (Business and Economy).

For almost 4 year I worked in a big furniture factory in Chile selling manly to the USA. I had the opportunity to sell and know companies like Cosco, JCPenny etc. My mind was mainly busy trying to figure out which were our competitive advantages that I had to offer to my customers…

After I become the furniture buyer for one of the biggest department stores in Chile. I traveled to many countries looking for the best opportunities for my customers.

At the same department store I moved to the commercial planning department and my mind was focussed in how to improve the quality of the inventory and its turn over. ( for 10 years ).

I got out and with a friend that was importing cheap goods from China I focussed my mind for 4 years in how to sell and survive competing with bigger companies that did the same…

3 years ago we decided with my family to come to Israel, and since one year I became a worker building sport courts all over Israel. It have been an extraordinary experience to live at the bottom of the labor pyramid, and I can focus my mind how to build a commercial dynamic that can achieve our needs in a more sustainable way that the individualistic and competitive point of view…Also to give us the opportunity of living in a society where to strive for a personal better position would be obviously absurd

A big percentage of my working experience allows me to confirm that we ought to and we can achieve it.

Since I got to Israel I have been in contact with the cooperative and kibutz movement and others organizations that would help, I also met the ¨start up¨ environment, but each organization has its own agenda and ¨survival model¨ and it has been very hard to gather them to work together in commons targets…

Family Life:

I was born in Viña del Mar, Chile in 1968 and I had a very stable life with my parents 2 sisters and my brother. Even both parents came from a jewish backgrounds, we were educated totally out from the jewish community…
I met a jewish woman from Uruguay, got married and had 3 children.

My wife´s family was living in Israel and for other more reasons we decided to come to live here to Israel. The 3 Kids and the family are already bigger, happier and stronger in many aspects.

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Greetings All!

I am brand new here! My name is Paul Spata. I live in the USA: Chicago, IL part of the year, and the other part on Mackinac Island, MI. I work as a professional software architect and sea kayaker. As an entrepreneur, I founded a software firm and as a social entrepreneur I founded an ecotourism cooperative. I have over 20 years of experience with full stack development (mobile, web, server, data, infrastructure) in over a dozen languages, and I’ve been fortunate to win a few awards along the way.

I love to grow my own food, and lend a hand to other people doing the same. I’ve found it to be one of the best ways to build community. I am always amazed at how a relationship deepens when you give someone fresh garlic that you grew yourself. And when you give them something that they have never heard of, it really takes off. This is in my blood, tracing back to Italy where my family still has several small farms. For the past 10 years, I have been studying and practicing regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and any other culture which improves soil, water and air health. I stay active in my small community on Mackinac Island, where I am working to initiate the Farm to School program, a Local Food Council and research projects aimed at improving our local food system.

I am enthusiastic about contributing to local food system improvement, as I believe that it’s a fundamental way to care for the health of people and our planet. I’m looking forward to meeting you folks, finding out more about OFN, and contributing where it makes most sense. Take care!

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Hi @Paul and welcome to the OFN community. I share a lot of your interests - including growing food with my local community and building better food systems. Please let me know which email address I should use to join you up to the OFN Slack channel. My email is nick@openfoodnetwork.org.uk

Looking forward to working with you :slight_smile:

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Hello, hello! I’m Rachel DuBois, currently a volunteer with a just-getting-started organic vegetable cooperative here in Scotland. My job is to set us up on OFN and make it work, so that’s what I’m trying to do.

What I love most about OFN so far is the potential for collaboration amongst cultural ‘healthy deviants’ like ourselves. I don’t know about your experience, but I definitely feel we are swimming against the stream here by doing things like trying to grow and sell organic veg to local people in a cooperative way. My feeling is that, if I can learn from others’ experiences and make our chances of success better, then I’m all for it.

There’s the potential that I could travel (in Britain only, alas), so I’d love to know if any of you would be willing and able to host me for a quick show-and-tell visit. Or if you can suggest food producers or hubs that would be good to visit and learn from. I know everyone is busy, so if there are things I can do to help you in return, I’d love to.

In the meantime, I’ll keep trying to figure things out with the help of some very generous people on this network!


I suppose it’s time for me to chime in. Hi! I’m Chris Pollard. I’m a founding member of the Cloverbelt Local Food Co-Op in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. (Dryden, technically.) We’ve been operating since 2013, but on the OFS (Open Food Source) platform.

About two years ago, @tschumilas was discussing OFN with our President, and I took to Github to pull the code and set up a local test server to play with. It took me a while, being a PHP dev, and only having the most basic understanding of Ruby to work with. I’m sure somewhere back there I may have asked some n00b questions on the forums about dependency issues. lol At the time, we weren’t sure how OFN would fit with our model, which was based around OFS and the Nebraska Food Co-Op model. Okay, it still is. :slight_smile:

This spring, thanks to @tschumilas coaxing funding out of our government, I’m now a community activator for OFN-Canada. Part of this will be trying to bring new users to the OFN platform, as well as exploring how we can make it work for CLFC, as we’re running up against limits in OFS that I don’t believe will make it viable in the long term.

As for my background, I’ve always lived right around the area I’m in now - except for a couple of years of college about 400km to the east. Growing up, we always had gardens, and usually some type of animals. Dad remained a bit of an old-school homesteader to his dying days. How, how I hated digging up those acres of potatoes by hand every year as a teenager!! But he knew how to grow food, and never used chemical fertilizers or pesticides … which I didn’t think much of back then. It was just how it was done! We usually had a coop full of chickens, ducks, a few geese, bronze turkeys, a handful of cows, some goats, pigs (which were never my favourite, until they were bacon), rabbits, even the off ‘exotic’ like pheasants and guinea fowl. We treated our animals like pets, even though we knew they were going to be food. There were only a few animals that became strictly pets, and we sold instead of butchered. One was a hulking red angus cow, “Red,” who was a gentle soul. If she was lying down in the field, you could climb on her back, lay down, and once in a while she’d swing her head around and lick you in the face. She was great. Another was our old gobbler … who followed us around like a dog, chest puffed out, trying to impress … well, I have no idea. We grew up harvesting every type of wild berry I’ve ever known to grow here, wild chanterelle mushrooms (which I still love to find), hunting, fishing, etc. I wish I’d have been as interested in learning how to do all the jams/jellies/pickling/canning my parents did when I was a kid as I was after they were both gone. The things you don’t appreciate until they’re gone, right?

I have a broadcasting diploma, went into radio, and have been at my hometown radio station for 22 years now. Spent a bit over a year on air, then moved to the office where I’m the Creative Director. That’s fancy title for … I write commercials for a living. And do audio production. And one day I convinced the manager to let me build a website. What was I thinking! I’ve always been into computers, programming (even back in the day of the Commodore PET, with those cassette tape storage drives!), and technology.

My wife and I are about to celebrate 19 years of marriage (on the 10th), after meeting in an IRC chat room back in '98. Yeah, no Tinder swiping there … just old school text-only chatting! She’s from NW Indiana, just outside of @Paul’s stomping grounds in Chicago. We go down there a few times a year to visit the family. Our daughter is in high school, making the honor roll at an IB boarding school in Maryland. It’s an incredible experience for her, that my wife really wanted, since she was a boarding school student herself. She wants to see the world one day … and an international diploma certainly helps open that door.

I was pulled into our local Co-Op in the planning stages, because they were looking for someone who knew how to put together a website and my name came up from my years with the radio station site. I like to get behind projects that need help and align with my values, so I said sure! What was I thinking!! lol Kidding aside, it’s been a bit of a crazy ride with a really passionate group. I see that same spirit here in the OFN forums, and look forward to getting to know everyone … and hopefully make some useful contributions!

Thanks for listening to me ramble. I’m going to shut up now. LOL Cheers!


Great to meet you @CLFC :slight_smile: I enjoyed your intro a lot!

Hi everyone!

I’ve introduced myself a few days ago in Slack, and after taking a few baby steps with Open Food France, now time for another step and introduction on the forum :slight_smile:

I’m based in Paris, freshly relocated back from San Francisco, California where I lived for a year. I’ve actually also lived in China for 9 years from 2004 to 2013. So kinda happy to settle back -hopefully long term- in France :sweat_smile:
All these years, I’ve worked in e-commerce and online marketing & advertising. I started out as a web developper / project manager and have grown into product management, mostly on startup-like projects within companies of various sizes and shapes, from the actual startup to larger groups with thousands of people.
In the early years I’ve played a lot with PHP / LAMP technology and e-commerce and CMS open source projects. More recently I worked mostly with big data / machine learning technologies to try and optimize programmatic marketing campaigns for e-retailers.

I started to get interested in short distribution food chains about 5 years ago, but didn’t really manage to act on that then, until my understanding of our dire environmental predicament accelerated beginning of this year, and definitely made me shift completely, first my personal consumption, and second my professional direction toward contributing to a truly sustainable food chain ecosystem.
Though I have some family background in that domain, this is all very new to me. So I’ve been learning a lot on so many fronts, but the more I do, the more excited I am, especially as I’ve met @MyriamBoure and the cool people from OpenFoodFrance.
Today I’m looking at how I could help accelerate the transition to local food systems through entrepreneurship. That’s why I’m particularly interested in market research, strategy and business administration and management initiatives within OFF where I started to give a hand.
Also I believe that with my experience with many startup-like projects, in product management, in e-commerce, online marketing, building websites, back-end operations, marketing operations and data-driven optimization, I can help with a variety of topics within OFN. Anything related to leveraging the network effects of such a community to gain efficiency and make healthy sustainable food available and affordable to the masses will strongly appeal to me :smile:

Meantime, I’ll also be looking to help spread the word about local food distribution around me and maybe setup something with some friends to learn with actual practice on the ground!

Looking forward to meet and learn from you all!


Wahou, what an introduction ! You have such a precious experience for our community @celine and I’m really impressed how fast you get “to the point”, understanding the journey through OFN, Data Food Consortium and all the connected projects. I’m so happy our journeys connected! For some background info, Celine got to hear about OFN thanks to a hub who did a crowdfunding campaign to buy a delivery-bicyle and mentionned that he found his producers through the Open Food Network :slight_smile: Our users are the best ambassadors of the OFN :slight_smile: Mixing ground/field learning and infrastructure building seems like a great and pretty balance combination, one definitely need the other :slight_smile: I’ll do our best to help you through your integration in the OFN, and help you find and get involved on the topics that interest you more !
Be welcome in the OFN community, or I coudl even say, in the OFN family :sunny:

Welcome to the family @celine! That was indeed very impressive!

I hope you find yourself at home while sharing this endeavor together. Don’t hesitate to ask anything to anyone to get up and ready :ok_hand:

thanks a lot @MyriamBoure and @sauloperez, I’ll be sure to do that and feel free to ping me too if you think I can help!

take 3 minutes to write a few words about yourself, where you are based, what is the area you are contributing in for OFN, and why you are so passionate about Open Food Network

Hi there! I am Jacky Schuler and I found out about Open Food Network through Brandy (@MSFutureFarm). I live in Arcata, CA (Humboldt County, USA), which is about 5 hours north of San Francisco, CA, where I lived for 8 years. I grew up in suburban South Carolina and moved to San Francisco in 2007, where I became aware of how crazy our food system really is. I have been living in Arcata for about four years and working on a small, mostly organic CSA farm for about 3.5.

I loved a lot of things about San Francisco and was working as a mobile developer but the company I was working for was just starting up their app development projects and due to lack of work they ended up laying me off. While on furlough, I rode my bike across Zambia for the second time as part of Bike Zambia, a fundraising ride, and it was a wake-up call for me. Although I still love coding, the inequality in the world and in the Bay Area got to me and my heart wasn’t in the job search. I wanted to make a difference in the world and it didn’t feel like I was going to be able to find the right fit before my finances completely imploded. A friend convinced me to visit her in Humboldt and I fell in love with the place.

There are zero tech jobs up here and after a couple of other jobs, I found myself working on a small vegetable farm. I fell in love with growing food and simultaneously got involved with some groups working for social change and against inequality. I have become increasingly convinced that on of the biggest ways we can effect social change is to empower people to grow food, eat locally, and build community through food.

When Brandy told me about Open Food Network, I nearly fell off of my chair. I believe that cooperatively-run entities are one of the most important ways to empower workers and to build a strong, just economy. OFN’s values are completely in line with my own and the platform is flexible and open source!

Although my background is in mobile development and I have less experience with web development, I am interested in starting to contribute to OFN and eventually becoming a certified contributor. I have also been wanting to start a food hub (although the term is new to me) and plan to work with local non-profits to make that happen using OFN.

I am incredibly excited to get to know everybody and hope one day to meet many of you in person and to work together on this wonderful project!!


You are very welcome @jackyjacky, it made my heart expand just a little bit to read your intro :heart:

Looking forward to seeing your presence on the github repo and in slack :smiley:

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@jackyjacky what a story ! Agree with @danielle I feel such a great alignment with what OFN is ! We’ll try to do our best to facilitate your integration in the community, please feel free to reach us on Slack if anything is unclear on how that community work, or if you are lost somewhere in the OFN abundant jungle of ideas and threads of discussion :slight_smile: We also do have periodic “physical” gatherings that we discuss in the #global-community channel. I look forward to meeting you in real life someday ! So you can feel the human empathy and love that is also at the heart of our collective project :slight_smile:

Yay Jacky I’m so glad you’re here! Glad I was able to introduce you to OFN!

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Thank you!! I will definitely be in touch as I explore and come up with more questions. I’m excited to get involved!