Whitelabelling for Enterprise Emails to Customers and Producers

UK users have requested that order confirmation emails can be personalised to the hub.

Phase One:

  • Hub name in subject line of order confirmation and order cycle total emails
  • Hub contact email as ‘from’ in automated emails


  • Personalisation of the emails to include hub logo, design template, etc.

This work has already been started in a small way but it is quite complex and for the full spec the contributions of the whole community would of course make it better!


As Super Admin
Within Configuration → Mail Methods super admin can:
Enable Email White labelling for Enterprises
This could be made an optional or paid-for feature by allowing instances to select which enterprises specifically can Enable Email White Labelling.

As an Enterprise with a Shopfront
Within Enterprise Details

  • There is an additional menu option Mail
  • Within Mail users have the option to use the default settings (that we have now) OR to Enable Enterprise specific mail

If they Enable Enterprise specific mail they have the options for each email:
– To use the default or enterprise from address
– To use a subject line with either Instance Name or Enterprise Name stated.
Organising this such that each email has options will enable us allow bespoke email content further down the line.

Sketches to come.
Looking forward to your thoughts @MyriamBoure @tschumilas @oeoeaio @Kirsten @NickWeir @mags @Sara @sreeharsha @danielle please ping others I have missed.

Issues will be added to github epic 1153

A note on mail servers.

An important point made by @oeoeaio and @maikel is that deliverability will be an issue here.
Gmail’s SMPT does not allow you to send an email from anyone but yourself, and replaces the ‘from’ address of any email to your email address to ensure high deliverability. Gmail as a mail server is not suitable for this feature.
Sendgrid (used in the UK) does allow users to white label emails.

From Sendgrid settings:

The whitelabeling process involves the creation of several new DNS records including establishing a new subdomain (like em.example.com) in your domain registrar pointing to SendGrid. These DNS records ensure compliance with popular email standards, as well as give SendGrid express permission to deliver your mail by authenticating your outbound mail with your domain.

This requires that our users would update their DNS with specific features, requiring bespoke work both to us, allowing on our mail server, and to our users, updating their DNS. As such this is not an easy feature to enable and would likely work best as a paid feature.

This is a ‘pro’ feature in Sendgrid costing £79.95 a month as it requires a dedicated IP. I do think this is worth it compared to the cost of running our own mailservers. It would theoretically be possible to share this service across instances. Possibly something for the UK to try out first…

Just another idea. We could change the OFN so that enterprise users can add their own mail method with their own email account. All emails from that enterprise could use that mail method. I don’t think that it’s a good idea, because the OFN database would hold a bunch of very important email account passwords and get soon the target of some bad guys.

It does sound expensive, Lynne, much as it would be nice to have.

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