What's New - v1.8.4 (160810)

Released on: 10th August 2016

Continuing the discussion from V1.8 and dot releases 1.8.1 and v1.8.2 and 1.8.3

##For Super-Admin

  • Property filters on producers pages, including in group producer tabs - G#1072
  • There is a new onboarding page which instances will need to translate. The content is not editable in Admin>Configuration. This is the page that will display as default, it is linked from the footer - https://openfoodnetwork.org.au/sell. Note that this text may not be accurate in all instances so it’s important that it is translated… I’m not certain who is responsible for translating in each instance, so I’ve pinged you guys in the hope that you can pass on the message to the relevant people… @MyriamBoure @lin_d_hop @CynthiaReynolds. For future reference, it would be helpful to know who’s translating where - See topic here

##For Enterprises and Customers
Shopfront load and filter speed for large data sets has been significantly improved in response to @Oliver’s comment here. Hopefully also addresses shopfront loading errors observed in G#1047

@sstead just to make sure I understand well, we don’t translate that in Transifex (I don’t see new strings to translate) but when we have done the upgrade, in the configuration panel, that’s it? Because you say “The content is not editable in Admin>Configuration” so I’m a bit confused :-o

@MyriamBoure After a release, Transifex always takes some time until the strings are available for translation. I can see French and Norwegian 97% translated at the moment.

Ok thank you, ping @sigmundpetersen and @CynthiaReynolds

UK crew are super happy with the shopfront performance enhancements. THANK YOU!!! @oeoeaio (and everyone else that worked on it)

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I have noted the strings that need special attention when translating to keep in line with the business models for each instance here:

Localisation, OFN in your language