What's New? - v1.6 (160401)

Released on: 1st April 2016

Continuing the discussion from V1.5

##For Super-Admin

  • The admin interface is now translatable into other languages, the front end is already translatable and has been translated into French and Norwegian G#799
  • The map is correctly filtering out enterprises with incorrect addresses, no longer showing them in the ocean (G#852).
  • Product caching has decreased shopfront loading time for large shops (D#525) G#713
  • The shops page now hides closed shops by default, with a button to ‘show closed shops’ or ‘show all on map’ which takes the user to the map G#839
  • The hompage dropdown has been rephrased to improve readability G#845

##For Customers

  • The account page now lists order and payment history organised by hub and shows any outstanding balance or credit with each hub. G#832 G#616

##For Enterprises

  • Enterprises can now set their shopfront to ‘require login’, then restricting the shop to customers on their customer list G#871
  • Enterprises can use tags to selectively display/hide shipping methods from certain customers G#848, G#859, G#862
  • Scroll bar removed from the about us section of profile modal, replaced with show more/less. G#806
  • Paypal credentials now private G#789
  • Fixes to Order Cycle Management reports as per PR#826

##For Groups

  • A new notification email has been added to profiles, to aid in the set-up of large Group Pages. Group managers creating bulk profiles for members can set the notificaiton email as their own (this requires confirmation), but put the producer/enterprise’s email in the contact field as a display only email (which won’t receive confirmation emails etc). G#757

##Next Up

  • Standing orders
  • Additional tag rules

Reduced time, or increased speed (I hope) :slight_smile:

Thanks Sigmund :sunny:

Hey all, v1.6.0 broke our Enterprise admin page. Anyone have any clues? Seems like it doesn’t get the translations from locale or something. I’ve uploaded the latest yml file from Transifex. @maikel @RohanM @marito59 @pmackay @lin_d_hop any help would be much appreciated.

You are missing translations. It’ll work when you’ve got them all.

I’ve checked that I have translations with keys primary_details, business_details, shipping_methods etc. What I don’t have is the 7 strange strings from G#878. Do you think those are the key here?

This has been logged as a bug on Github (#929), discussion to continue there :slight_smile: