What's New? - v1.5 (160302)

Released on: 2nd March 2016

Continuing the discussion from V1.4

##For Super-Admin

  • Discourse integration. Each instance can now link a unique instance discourse from their OFN homepage. OFN users will be automatically logged in, with correct admin/non-admin permission. The technical task of installing this is described in Github, under Deployment. The Australian site can be viewed here as a demo - https://noticeboard.openfoodnetwork.org.au/.
  • Tax configuration can no reliably be set to have prices show as tax inclusive/tax exclusive. G#788 G#773

##For Enterprises

  • You can now set up enterprise fees to inherit the tax category from the product they are being applied to. G#788
  • The Variant Override page’s transformed into the ‘Inventory’ page has been completed. This page retains the functionality of variant overrides, however has added features detailed in the last release notes. Products can also be categorized as new, in inventory or hidden. Use of the Inventory page is now correctly governed by Enterprise Relationships (specifically the renamed P-VO, Permission to Add to Inventory). Details of this page will be described in the user guide shortly. G#807, G#801
  • Order cycles create with only either a opening or closing date were being lost. This has been fixed. G#805

##For Groups

  • Filter buttons have been added to the shops and producers lists, so visitors can now filter by product category and pickup/delivery G#625
  • A blurb has been added to the group page header, explaining the concept of a group page G#803
  • The setup and administration of a group page has changed to make it easier to onboard group members. This involves a new ‘display only’ email address.
  • Spacing and wrapping issues with producer/hub tabs in groups have been fixed G#804
  • Scrolling in the producer modal in a group page no longer scrolls the map page below G#754


  • Security improvement.

##Next Up

##Upgrade notes