What's New - v0.8.1 (150424)

Continuing the discussion from What’s New - v0.8 (150417) with some extra bits and pieces

For Customers

  • Order processing should be happening at least five seconds faster - maybe more! We’ll keep working on it
  • Filter products by properties e.g. certified organic
  • Find out more info about product properties (e.g. organic certification number) via the product and producer modals
  • See sales tax included in your order on cart page and order confirmation email

For Enterprises


  • Simple management of product properties, see more detail here
    • attach a property to the Enterprise Producer e.g. ‘cert-organic’ : nasaa:123123
    • this property will be automatically inherited by all products from that producer
    • you can turn off the override, either from the product properties pane (inside edit product), or by turning on the additional column in Bulk Product management
    • you can create additional or alternative properties for that product
  • SKU field can be turned on in Bulk Product Edit
  • GST / sales tax should be fully operational in front and back end. More info
  • automatic handling of new user / enterprise manager when an enterprise contact email is setup e.g. when creating a new enterprise, you can just set the contact email. The email validation will take them on appropriate path to create user and set them to a manager of that enterprise


  • Extra fields in the Customer Totals report, as requested by @lisahill