What should our Categories be?

Let’s agree our categories before I start setting them up. Thinking something like
?? HowTo

I’d use Development, not just Dev.

What would International Use, HowTos and Help wanted be used for?

I guess it’s a question of what activities are best managed through here vs other sites. I think best to start as simple as possible and add categories as we need them

What does “international use” cover over and above “users - x”? Is this unnecessary overlap?

what about if it was Partnerships? I think is different from users in that it’s not about ‘how do I set up a product’ but more about how do we get an OFN XX operating

What about having a dedicated Releases (sub?) category for release notes?

yep cool, under Dev you reckon? I’ll put it there for now

In an effort to keep the community pages organized, I was wondering where to create categories and start threads regarding 2 specific concepts:

  1. to gather national conversations - a place for hubs to interact as a community and grow sharing information on logistics and helping build the toolkit? If Altifrem is to start discussions on our specific instance and regional specific topics (with a direct link from our website). Where is that best suited? ping @MyriamBoure @Selmo @openfoodnetwork @sigmundpetersen
    ie… International/Community/Scandinavia/Norway (leaving room for Sweden and Denmark as they come on board?)
    Being able to link directly to other relevant topics is essential, hence not wanting to establish our own discourse. Interested to hear everyones thoughts on this. Do the HUBs in Australia communicate together to share information and if so how do they? @serenity
    potential cons: language issues if national groups prefer to speak their native tongue.

  2. Case studies. example: possible HUB business model to be part of the ‘toolkit’/documentation. I have a specific one that is pertinent to the norwegian instance, but is potentially relevant to the global community in that it may inspire and/or benefit from learning about similar projects elsewhere.
    Right now, our current categories would suggest posting this in:
    International/Business Models - should we create a sub category for OFN instance business models as well as one for HUB business models?
    International/Business Models/OFN Regional Instances
    International/Business Models/HUB Case Studies
    @lin_d_hop if I recall correctly, you had some thoughts on business model case studies (ie hub support training etc…) do you have any input on how/where we should be documenting these?

These mirror my questions too. As I was starting to configure the new Canadian instance (so very exciting) today :smiley: I wondered where and how I would direct online discussion to help create buzz and interested in OFN CAN. I feel like OFN international discourse stuff will really overwhelm most potential Canadian hubs/farms. They don’t need to see all this. (And for sure they don’t need to know and learn trello, slack… things that I still can’t manage frankly.) So would a solution be to set up a specific discourse topic for each instance – and then sub-topics to the instance (like business models, links to hub resources).

Hi all. Interesting discussion and we’re open to you taking the lead on this . . other option might be to set up categories and use tags for countries? but the tags aren’t as intuitively searchable, so might be slightly trickier to get the links to ‘country-specific’ pages sorted

Perhaps @tschumilas and @CynthiaReynolds have a go at setting it up as you see fit and it can evolve from there? @serenity - can you check and comment on how you and Katie see this fitting with community.foodenterprise.org?

I am also going to start a new ‘linked’ discussion from this page, as we have had need arise here in Aus for an instance integrated discourse platform to actually serve as the internal communication system for users of the system. This will be a work in progress but we’re planning a super-light integration of it quite quickly. The relationship between this / these instance level forums and the global one will then also be something we have to work on! coming up next . .

I miss the category “Organizational Development” as stated here:

Also I’d favor Interfaces instead of Integrations, because that naming would mirror better a collaborative development approach and less the “winner takes it all” monolithic architecture, we all know too well in these days.

Could one of the site admins add some new categories for our non-software products/work?
Perhaps Sector Development?