VTiger - global support teams shared learning

Some of the teams are using VTiger for Onboarding and ticketing for support requests. This is a place where we can discuss how different teams are using it and can share learnings and ideas.

Here’s a link to the Slack conversation that was started about Zapier and how it could link to VTiger to, for example, find out and report back to VTiger about active and inactive enterprises.

Thanks so much for starting this thread @Jo_daSilva!

I’m not sure if/how we can link to a specific slack discussion from discourse. Does anyone else know if this is possible? (If so can you give us instructions). I can’t just follow the link above and the discussion you are referencing - it just takes me to the general slack page.

Can you cut and paste the conversation you are referencing? (At least until we figure out if something else is possible?)

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Very good question.
On any post in Slack, just right click on the 3 vertical dot (right) and select “Copy link”
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you can now past it where you want.

VERY helpful. I should have asked long before now. Thanks @Thomas

Sorry all I’ve tried again and can’t seem to post the Slack conversation so have copy and pasted it below…

Hi I have a question for Instances using VTiger… does anyone know of any means for our OFN system to update info in VTiger? Maybe through Zapier?
For example I want to see if there’s a way of changing an Organisation’s status in VTiger from Active to Inactive if for example, they haven’t traded for 6 months.Thank you

[Emily Rogers]
Hi Jo, we don’t have VTiger set up yet, but that’s definitely something we’d like to be able to do when we get there.

[Jo da Silva (UK support)]
Thanks Emily. If there’s anything I can do to help you or [Chez] get set up just let me know. We’re pretty much up and running now with it and I’m happy to share learnings

[Cécilia Henry] is documenting for us as part of their V2 VTiger changes the Zap they use to create a new contact when an enterprise is added via the Platform. Changing the ‘status’ would be possible with a Zap as well theoretically but I don’t think France do this at the moment as far as I know. I’ll be super keen to see if we can build it - I’ll keep you posted on any progress I make. I’m really hoping to get deeply into Vtiger this month. I’ll make a point of posting all the things here so you can see where we are up to

[Jo da Silva (UK support)]
Hi Chez that all sounds really useful, and definitely something we’d like to look into. Yes please do keep me updated with progress you’re making. Do you think it would be possible for me to also see the V2 changes [Cécilia Henry] is working on please?

[Cécilia Henry]
Yes, we’ll try to documenting our work on Vtiger !
From now, we’re still brainstorming around Vtiger with [myriam]and [rachel], Myriam has put a lot of energy on it so we’ll be able to move forward soon !
From now, in our Vtiger, there is no Zapier linked from coopcircuits.fr about changing status and I’m not sure if it’s technically possible. It’s to discuss with the technical team.

Hello everyone to give more details of why some technical inputs are welcome: currently FR has a Zap setup that’s sends all new enterprises from OFN to Vtiger. That’s a one shot thing.
Beying able to track profile changes is another topic because it requires to set a Zap that will regularly check the entire production database for changes. I’m always hesitant before setting something so wide on the production database.
Shall we move this topic to discourse were we could ping sysadmins or integration gurus like Lynne to figure this out?

[Jo da Silva (UK support)]
Thank you for the info [rachel] and [Cécilia Henry] it would be really good to talk further about what everyone thinks is possible with VTiger and Zapier.
Great idea, I will go ahead and set up the discourse post

[Jo da Silva (UK support)]
Hi all I’ve set up the discourse topic here if anyone would like to continue to chat about this: VTiger - global support teams shared learning

[Cécilia Henry] & [rachel] - what would be the best way for me to get a view of the fields you have added or customised in Vtiger to make the zap work and also for your general workflow - would it be easiest for me to just log in to the French instance/would that be possible?