Vote on your preferred scenario for an OFN Europe

chosing a scenario for a potential OFN Europe
  • Association in Belgium
  • Association in Germany
  • Association in France
  • None of the above

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Help us understand your vote with additional comments (if possible) :slight_smile:

Please find the:

  • slide presentation here.
  • recording of the presentation here

Bringing this conversation home to Discourse from Slack:
I am wondering why (for example) OFNUSA would get a vote or what that vote would mean?

…and @ferrazfil’s thoughtful reply:
well we did have a discussion in the group about that before. And we approached it in this way: we want to understand what the people (more than the instances they are a part of) would like to see happening because in the end we are trying to create to benefit those the wider European territory but also the global community as a whole. Therefore why would we block the vote to others? Also there is no way to know if a person that today is based in the US for example won’t be changing homes to Europe in the next couple of years (don’t know if you are familiar with the feeling :wink:) so once again why constrain those from outside Europe to vote? there is more in this of course… but trying not to write a full essay on the matter

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I feel 100% supportive of any option chosen by this hard working team.

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Yes I agree with Laurie. I can see a lot of work had gone into planning this and I will fully support whatever decision you make.
I voted for France or Germany because we have established teams in those countries. For this reason France is my first choice because the team there is bigger and longer established

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I also agree. The group has done significant planning here - really informative to read through. In a way, now that this work is done - OFN has already ‘won’ (so to speak). We already have a stronger network of European based instances I think. So - I’m great with whichever option is chosen. Congratulations on your thoughtful process.

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