Volunteer's management e.g. for packing/distribution, etc

In the discussions I have in Norway and France with potential hubs willing to try out Open Food Network, I receive regularly that question: “can we manage our volunteers time slots for packing/distribution in the software?”
Some of them already use softwares that enable them to manage that (like Cagette, and open source software for CSA in France, or Registeremeg in Norway used by the big buying group in Oslo)
I don’t know how that coud be handled in OFN… if it could… but I think that can prevent hubs to use OFN, as they already have that functionnality in the software they use.
The idea is that today, those hubs say, for the next dates of packing/delivery, how many people they need, and people register until the needed number is filled.
Any feedback on that @sstead @Kirsten? How to you plan to manage that in UK @lin_d_hop @NickWeir?
What can I answer/recommend when I got that question?

Cagette: every member of the CSA can say on the planning which days he will be present to help on the packing/distribution

Registrermeg/Kooeprativet: every member can register for the packing/distribution on the same interface where we order the bags of vegetables/meat/dairy

At Stroudco we use doodle - see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-k0KiHQQsh5eKVsHvlLbn_FzlzG6neqgrluiDcF8uKI/edit

@MyriamBoure: could you please provide some links for “Registrermeg/Kooeprativet”?

I would be interested in having a more thorough look.

I am a bit lost in googling it in Norwegian(?).

Hey @yova it seems “Registrermeg” is down.

Either way, some food coops have switched to https://www.volunteersignup.org/. Check it out :slight_smile:

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not clear how we wanto to handle it, so what we propose the community to prioritize, back to curation

Moved to Handle volunteer management · Issue #80 · openfoodfoundation/wishlist · GitHub

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