V1.5 documentation updates

The Variant Override page has been renamed the Inventory page, which has additional functionality. Here is the user guide description of the updated feature- https://openfoodnetwork.org/user-guide/advanced-features/inventory/

Note that updates were also needed to the your Profile pages (in producer set up guide and hub set up guide), to cover the new Inventory Settings tab.

The E2E page (changing naming and diagrams from P-VO to P-I) was also updated. Any hyperlinks to the Variant Override page also needed to be changed to the new Inventory page.

The Order Cycles pages (in producer set up guide and hub set up guide) were also updated to cover the new ‘advanced settings’ button in order cycle admin.

@MyriamBoure here is a rough suggestion of how I (and others) can let international user guide maintainers know about feature changes/updates. I would include more detail in future :slight_smile:

That looks good @sstead, thanks!