UX OFN customer experiences

While testing new updates, I also come across general UX, some things are not clear to me / bugs perhaps. I’m testing as if I’m totally new to OFN and seeing if things work intuitively for me.
Below are all my notes.
A = action
P = problem

Status: ‘shopping’ in customer mode

A: want to go back to the homepage of the shop
P: Logo and shopname are not-clickable
(SS- I see what you mean, unfortunately profiles don’t have their own page, so there isn’t really anywhere these could link to, other than the shop. Do you suggest the font should be different for those that are clickable, or with a > arrow perhaps?)
(SL- perhaps the shopname and logo could be made clickable and lead to the same page as the ‘about Simone’s Sweet Shop’ links to. Since I think people are used to clicking on picture and name, and then it will lead to something at least)

A: ordered 10 loafs: want to check out immediately
P: I can only click ‘edit your cart’, but I don’t want to edit anything

A: I’m viewing my cart but want to do more shopping, I click on my internetbrowser’s backbutton
P: My cart is empty suddenly
(SS- Simone I think you could create a github issue for this. Include your description of the problem, and your suggested solution)

A: signed up as an enterprise on OFN
P: got a confirmation email, but the ‘connect with us’ buttons are only Twitter and LinkedIn (not sure if this is just in the ‘Staging 2’ email).
–> Should be Facebook and Instagram? (For AUS emails)

A: register on OFN
P: I get an ‘agree with the terms’ window, but I can’t see where to continue. You apparently have to scroll down to see that button

P: same happens when you need to tell if you’re a producer yes / no. Have to scroll down for button to continue, but is not obvious.

Hey @simoneluijckx, to create a Github issue go here - https://github.com/openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork/issues and click ‘New Issue’. Give the issue a title that describes the problem. Then in the description put a description of the issue, with as much detail as you can, and a screenshot (if possible). Also you can suggest a solution if you have one, again, put screenshots if you want to visually describe the solution. When you put the issue in tag dani and she’ll file the issue in the right place.

@simoneluijckx It would be great also if you could put each change into a separate github issue. Many of these will be perfect issues for newbies to pick up :smiley: Thanks!

@sstead & @lin_d_hop I’ll create separate Github issues for each of the problems!

@sstead @lin_d_hop the issues are all seperate on Github now!