UX - Make Map Icons Make Sense


@Rachel we do have lots of profile-only accounts, all producers who don’t have a shop basically, 2/3 of French map for instance.
Maybe the map key can be added on a second step if the more urgent need is to get rid of the red dots ?
I have no objection to have a view from Yuko on this.


I am not sure I understood the details here but for any brain in this planet green is more open than red and red is more closed than green :smiley:


I think the red/green issue comes down to traffic lights. Red means stop (closed) … green means go (open). Why not just get rid of red and green … and swap them for blue and orange, or purple and yellow, or literally any other two colours out there and eliminate the perception problem without having to actually change anything else but those two colours?

Am I just thinkin’ crazy here? It’s okay … you can say it. I’ve been accused of it nearly daily for most of my life. :stuck_out_tongue: