Using Hound for code style checking

Take a look at Would this be worth setting up to do reviews of PRs, to increase code style quality?

I’m happy to play with this in the background if you think it coudl be useful.

@RohanM @maikel @oeoeaio thoughts?

Looks good to me. Let’s try it.

OK I’ve enabled it for the openfoodnetwork project. Do shout if its causing more problems than benefits or the config needs tweaking.

I’ve just spent a bit of time getting Code Climate working again (including pinging support as it stopped since August). Have enabled their new Beta platform:

Also setup Rubocop and SCSS Lint configs for now. Could add Coffeescript potentially as well. Interested to know if this is useful for improving quality while doing other editing.

Useful to know if any checks are considered not worth scanning for. I have disabled some Rubocop checks already to reduce noise.

Will probably disable Hound as no need for two similar tools.

cc @RohanM @maikel

Code Climate looks good. Should we provide some pre-commit hooks and a little introduction to the tools in our

Have you setup any other pre-commit hooks for anything?