User Guide as a distinct project with its own worklfow


I try o understand better, the current structure of projects maintained by OFN Community. In the issue tracker of main code base, I noticed issue Wordpress formatting tweaks to improve visual appeal of documentation. I have few questions:

  1. Where do I find sources of OFN User Guide
  2. Do you have strategy for translating it into multiple languages (if yes, can you share link to place where you documented it)
  3. What do you think about User Guide becoming distinct project with its own git repository and workflow (tracker/taskboard), Of course it would follow development of main code base and stay in sync with its main releases.



There are no sources for the user guide, as such. It is simply a number of pages in our global website, which runs on wordpress. We don’t have a strategy for translating it as yet.

Right now the user guide is not directly editable by the community, but I could see the potential of that happening by granting other users access as editors, or by providing a means for the general public to submit suggestions for changes.

I can imagine a translation strategy where we assemble a team of translators, and send them a list of pages to update before each release.

This is all speculative on my part at the moment. Let me know what you think and if you have any other questions.


I will check with friend working in SourceFabric if their open source product already has stable future of managing multiple languages!

Guess it’s possible to translate the WP pages with a Transifex plugin:

discussion continues in How to translate and update/adapt the user guide in a smart and collaborative way?