Useability fixes for bulk product edit page (high priority)


  • [ok] Creating a new product puts it as the top of the list, but cloning a product places the clone at the bottom of the list. Can we put the new product at the top OR (even better) directly underneath the one that was just cloned?
  • [ok] The ‘Save Changes’ button is only at the top - can there be a second one at the bottom
  • [ok] Add SKU to BPE page (will become product info page, so this is the right place for it)
  • [ok] add tax code to BPE page
  • [ok] Add ability to set stock level to ‘on demand’, both in Add Product and from the listing (checkbox exists, just need to be able to access it from here)
  • [ok] in BPE, some way to show that variant overrides exist (and for who?)

There is not enough space to display the SKU column. Is there something else that doesn’t need to be displayed? Or we have to find a new way of displaying all that information. We could put the SKU in one column with the name so that they could go on top of each other. Like Unit/Value.