USA Planning


I put together some USA logos (here) feel free to suggest a new colour :wink:
I also added a page to the .org site with a basic blurb and contact info for hello@ including link to the new instance, as well as added it to the coming soon part at the bottom of the OFN LOCAL page.
It is a only basic draft, feel free to edit it all, I just wanted to get something up for people to work on.

ping @nick @tschumilas @Kirsten
@jveilleux I signed up and created a profil/user on your instance (cynthia@op…) have not received a confirmation email yet for some reason. Have hit resend… will wait and see if it shows up.


Hi Cynthia -

We had issues with getting the email server working last time.

I’ll ask someone to look into it. My IT guy is out this week for training, so it may take a few days to fix.




For USA, you might want to do blue or Red, White and Blue.


I had the same experience as @cynthia when I set up a test producer enterprise on the USA instance. All seemed to go well but I did not receive the confirmation email.
Also I think it would be good if the the ‘about’ tab on the USA home page went to Cynthia’s new page rather than the Aus site.
I am not sure who might be able to look into these issues? Cynthia has Jim given you admin access yet? Are you able to have a look at these issues? If not has anyone got a suggestion for who might be up for doing some of these things?
Thanks all


@nick I have not received admin access yet, but when I do, I will take care of redirecting the About tab etc…


Thanks Cynthia. @jveilleux to give Cynthia access you need to login as superadmin, go to ‘USERS’, find Cynthia and check both these 2 boxes under ‘ROLES’. Thanks for your help.


I have set up a #usa channel on slack for easy communication - feel free to add the pertinent people.
EDIT… just found the #united states one… will archive this.

@nick I think they still need to configure the email server correctly before they can make me admin … @jveilleux any update on how that is going?


Hi all, I would like to join this conversation. I am part of a small group of producers who would like to set up drop sites around our region and work as groups of farmers selling to various locations. OFN would make this possible and scalable to a larger scope. I think that we can fit our goals into the goals of this collective group- as I understand them so far. I would love to begin using this software as soon as possible and begin to learn and grow with it and with y’all. I am not tech literate- so the computer speak language means nothing to me but maybe I will learn in this process. I want to understand what it would take to get involved and begin using this as part of the collective rather than as my own private instance. I have applied for some funding recently from my county which may potentially help our farmer group get this idea off the ground- some could go to the OFN if that is helpful in expediting. Also, I followed the link to Jim’s instance and it took me to a site, but looks like its filled in with dummy data from AU? Perhaps I need to do a lot of catching up…Thanks for bearing with me. We have a great tool at our fingertips…so anxious to use it!


Hi @KatTheFarmer ,
The current setup has not been customised for the US yet, and once a few tech details (email server…) are fixed, I will help with the configuration to change logo, images, links and other content.
Once that is done, when you sign up as a producer and receive the email confirmation, let me know and I can set you up to manage multiple enterprises.
In the meantime, the user guide is an excellent place to start learning how the system works.
I have sent you an invite to the OFN slack team and from there, you can join the #united states channel :slight_smile:


@jveilleux any chance you can send me the contact details of the super admin on the US site so that I can help them set me up with the right role? Maybe @sigmundpetersen or I can help them with the email server issue as well. Once done, those wanting to try out the system will be able to without much trouble on your end :wink: Thanks!


Hi team - Similar to Kat, I am looking to jump into the conversation in the US.

I am a technical services provider / consultant for food businesses based out of Chicago and really stoked on the project. There is a continued need for an affordable, scalable technology platform to support folks in the local food system, and happy to support this project where I can.




@CynthiaReynolds @eric @nick - I have just made you all admin. There are quite a few users in there already but you’re the only ones I recognise as obvious to make admin. @jveilleux let me know if you or any others want admin users on this server. @tschumilas I have added you at your @rogers email and will send your password on slack. I will also post to ofn-affiliates slack group about how i did this, for future reference :slight_smile:


OK people. Sorry for delay from me. I have done some things to hopefully move all this along . .

Admin Users
Admin users set up for @CynthiaReynolds @tschumilas @nick and @eric. Let me know if any others needed

I’m not sure if I’ve done this right, and things apparently take a few hours so will have to check back later. Let me know if looks ok or you think needs changing, or there is a better setup than what I have done. I have tried to:

  • Set to redirect so this can be the main domain. Supposedly ‘with masking’ so we don’t see the IP . . that’s not happening yet
  • Create a sub-domain at which should also redirect, supposedly also with masking

While there, I have set and .com to go to, where at least people should be able to find and link through from the USA page

I am not sure if someone has an ‘ofn-usa’ contact email somewhere - @eric @tim.honchel @hannah??

If so, is easy to change / delete these, but in the meantime to get things moving I have created

I have set up the OFN -USA server using ofn-usa as the mail method, but email still doesn’t seem to be working. I am hoping someone who has been dealing with such things much more recently than me might know how to fix … @CynthiaReynolds @sigmundpetersen? I will send you the password for this email so you can play with it . .

I am unclear WHO is the contact point for people asking about OFN-USA? Has this become clear at all yet? We need to know who will be checking emails at - so I can send you the password, and so we can update contact links in the appropriate places?

Once that is decided, can we change the contact email on the USA About page on as well? Is fine for it to go to for a bit longer, but is really unclear who we should actually be forwarding to at the moment. @sstead could you create a label in hello@ and make sure anything coming through about the usa is labelled so we can easily pick them all up again and don’t lose anyone!?

I like @jveilleux’s idea of red, blue and white - but will leave to the creative genius of @CynthiaReynolds :slight_smile:

Looks to me like the USA states are loaded correctly, so I suspect the map is only going to Aus because there seems to be some seed data in there with aus addresses? @maikel does that seem like something we’d expect to happen?

ok, I think that’s all from me for now. Will check back later to see how those domains are going. Let me know anything else that is needed.


Looks to me like the USA states are loaded correctly, so I suspect the map is only going to Aus because there seems to be some seed data in there with aus addresses?

From my memory the map displays the area in which the enterprises are. So if there are only Aus enterprises, then yes, the map shows Australia. You need to remove all Aus enterprises and have US enterprises to show the USA on the map.


but how did they get there @maikel - is there seed data or something? Given that we don’t have an easy way to delete enterprises, getting rid of them will require making them invisible but they will still clutter up admin, or ‘re-doing them’ into other enterprises in the admin interface … not ideal. I am not sure if this is something automatic that creates a problem for every new instance?


How did the server get set up? Our ofn-install project doesn’t create seed data. But the readme file of the OFN project mentions rake openfoodnetwork:dev:load_sample_data to create some enterprises in your development environment. Maybe we should delete the database and just do the initial seed with countries and states which doesn’t include enterprises.


ok thanks - I think the need for seed data in dev has been discussed elsewhere, perhaps we just need a warning to NOT do this in your production environment?


ok, so the delightful @maikel has just confirmed that the problems I am having redirecting the domains are because the server isn’t quite set up right - basically because OFN is not on the default web portal (80), which means it’s not a valid ip address for redirects. @jveilleux could you pass this comment below to your guy [or ping him here . .] - if he needs more help / support the ‘deployment’ slack channel is best spot to go. send me his email if he needs to be added

"If you point a domain like to the IP, then you can access the current version at, but to omit the 3000, it has to be on the default port of 80. But even then, it can’t be a production site with payments. To be secure, it needs https instead of http. And that is on another port again. Anyway, the proper server setup has to configure a web server (nginx) to serve the OFN application via https. Then we can use


USA Content Update:

re: other ‘content’ a lot of the content that used to be coded in html in the config section including the business model is now managed in transifex if I recall correctly. Does the US instance have its own english version that is different than the AUS/UK/Canadian versions? @Kirsten @nick @tschumilas


there are some comments here that might be helpful in tracking down the email problem . . Mail server configuration