Upload and display product quality certificates

What is the need / problem

Fred wants to be able to prove his honesty and reassure his customers about the veracity of the labels / quality of his products.

Who does it impact

Fred, it reinforces the trust his customer have in him.
Mary and Shannon, it reinforces their credibility, the trustful relationship they have with their customers, and the reputation of their shop

What is the current impact of this problem

  • Limit on product transparency: Fred cannot easily upload his “document proof” for the labels/properties he claims. For instance, he cannot attach the organic certificate he has for the vegetable he growns.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

  • Reinforce the transparency on the product quality / label claimes
  • Reinforce the trust Jane has in Fred and Mary, and that Mary has in Shannon.

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Potential solutions that will solve this problem

  • In the producer properties, add a button to upload one document for each property, and display it when clicking on any producer or product property on the platform (see speccing in GH issue)