Updating the 'Terms of Service'

I noticed that the email that goes out to new users (see below) contains a link (right at the bottom) to a doc called ‘terms of Service’ Terms-of-service.pdf (132.4 KB)
which is out of date. Not sure who is best placed to update it? Thanks

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Terms of service | Open Food Network UK

pinging @sstead as a start - thanks Sally - we appreciate all your help

Hi Nick, afraid I only have half a solution for you…
When logged in as SuperAdmin go to Configuration > Content. Here you can insert your own ‘Terms of Service URL’. This will become your new ‘terms and conditions’ link in the footer of your instance site. However, I’ve just had a look on staging, and unfortunately this link doesn’t also carry through to the email you have posted above. This link must need to be modified somewhere else. Lyn recently made a related change, which allows instances to set the contact email which is contained in outgoing emails, in their config>content- G#1090. Hope this helps.

Thanks @sstead for such a quick response. I will talk to the UK team @mags @Sara @lin_d_hop about writing our own version of this doc. I will ask @lin_d_hop if she has a suggestion about the link.

Can you create a bug on this link and assign it to me, regarding the link itself.

Perhaps the UK forum is a place to discuss the content of the UK terms of service doc.

OK the bug is G#1135 here

The [discussion on the UK wording is started here]https://community.openfoodnetwork.org.uk/t/updating-the-terms-of-service/50

@sstead do you want to close this or is it worth having a conversation within the AUs team about updating your version of this doc which still refers to beta versions etc…