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Packing Report Per Producer: Products listed for each customer

List all items sorted by producer. Existing report ‘Order Cycle Supplier Total’ is a good place to start.

Packing Report Per Consumer: Include chilled/frozen items & balance

List all items sorted by consumer. Separate chilled/frozen items (recorded in Shipping Categories?) and display customer balance. Existing report ‘Order Cycle Customer Total’ a good place to start

Report to needs to sort by hub then by customer, then alphabetically by product.

Report will be similar to OrderCycleBy Customer Report only requiring a subset of these fields:
Hub, Customer Names, PredecessorReferenceID, Product, Varient, Qty, Chilled/Frozen

@lisahill - does this report sound like it could match pretty closely what you need? would want to add shipping method and/or delivery run field once we have that, possibly customer code?

Related to (completed) issue #267

Other future thoughts:

  • Labels to send to producers to adding to products before delivery

Other work on reports, possibly related

RE: Per Producer - this report is definitely useful to us, although would be great to have an ‘order cycle’ field, so that we can pull a report based on multiple order cycles at once and sort by that, rather than pulling three different reports (one for each cycle) - although totally understand that we may be the only people running multiple order cycles at one time, so we can handle pulling multiple reports and joining them all together at our end :smile:

RE: Per Consumer - It could maybe work as a starting place for our packing slip, but would need a number of additional fields in order to work as a delivery slip (ideally both picking & delivery will be the same thing if we get a report that encompasses it all). The way the report is sorted really doesn’t matter to us, as we will need to put all that info into a pivot table anyway.

These are additional fields above and beyond what is already in ‘Order Cycle Customer Total’ that we would need to make it work:

  • Customer Code
  • Run Code
  • Order Cycle
  • Delivery Address
  • Delivery Instructions (Comments)
  • Delivery Day/Date

Have you seen the Delivery Report under Order Cycle Mangement?

That report is specifically designed to help with deliveries and perhaps is partly what you are looking for.

We can add fields to that if you need.

@lisahill - these fields are now in the Customer totals report - we just put them all on the end so they don’t mess up anyone else’s pivot tables etc

@openfoodnetwork Thanks! The Customer Totals report is now making beautiful pivot tables.
@lin_d_hop The Delivery Report just didn’t quite have the detail we required, but a couple of new fields in the Customer Totals and hey presto we’re in business!

@lin_d_hop @NickWeir - would we consider this page to be ‘done’ and able to be closed? if so, either of you can do so I think?

Yes it looks done to me so if Lynne is happy then yes lets close it