Testing of variable weights in BOM 18th Nov

Simple case.
I bought 3 honeys, each 1L, for $10 each.
Here’s the order confirmation…

Then in BOM, I made the Orange Honey 2L and increased the order to 2 jars of Red Honey. Yellow honey stayed the same… the prices updated properly in BOM. I saved changes.

In the customer’s account… the confirmation has updated… but for the Orange Honey (which was raised to a 2L jar) the price hasn’t increased. But the product does show as 2L. The red honey has carried the new 2 QTY through, and price. The order total should be $50, it’s not.

This trend is the same if I enter the edit area of the single order… and if I ‘resend’ …and if I send ‘invoice’

I then went into the BOM again, and the Orange honey had changed from being $20 to $10. It’s like it temporarily accepted the new $20 price, but then didn’t.

Can you change an ‘unfulfilled’ order while the customer is still in checkout?

Yes, you can change the QTY in ‘edit order’… I raised this order from QTY of 2, to 3… Price and QTY carried through to the customer… but the 1L turned into 666.666mL (this is 2/3… the original QTY/new QTY).
Note you can’t change the weight/volume of an order while it’s unfulfilled.

After checkout I could see this order in BOM… the QTY went up to 3, but the weight/volume didn’t… it remained at 2… hence the 666.66

@oeoeaio testing notes

Hey @oeoeaio the issue with the weight/volume getting stuck is fixed.
But edits to the Weight/Volume isn’t making the price change proportionately.

This is a minor thing… the MAX value is getting overridden if you change the QTY to a value that is higher than the MAX value put in by the customer.

Shipping fee isn’t updating with changes made in BOM

The enterprise fees don’t seem to be updating either… below there is a $1 per item enterprise fee applied to all of the Producer of Honey products. When I updated the QTY of all products to 2, there was not an additional $1 added as enterprise fee…

This also lead to the order confirmation (seen in customer’s admin) being incorrect… it’s just split the $1 enterprise fee across the two… by changing the price to $10.50. This isn’t correct

The RESEND and INVOICE both look like this… (not adding extra enterprise fee on)

If I added a product to an order through the individual order edit, it did not carry the enterprise fee either.

@oeoeaio Testing how fees get updated:
In summary- fees update fine in order edit, but fees don’t change according to changes in BOM (to QTY or w/v)
But, on a happy note, the rest of BOM is working!

What i checked (for my reference as much as anything…)
Fee type - $1 per item, applied to producer. And $1 per kg, applied to producer.
• If I changed the QTY in order edit, it worked
• If I changed QTY in BOM it didn’t work. Retained old fees.
And $1 per kg, applied to producer.
• Same as above
• If i increased the Weight/volume in BOM, the per kg fee didn’t go up as it should have.
The 100% markup fee, applied to producer.
• If I changed the QTY in order edit, it worked
• If I changed QTY or weight/volume in BOM it didn’t carry through.
The same seems to be true if fee is applied to coordinator too. (i only checked the % fee calculator)

Also one little thing, not sure, this might be fixed in other branch…

The OC customer totals report was correct- showed 2kg (edited weight/volume) as the variant.