Testing Catch-up

Testing Catch-up XXIV

(we’ve missed some meetings and notes in the time in between)

Time: September 28th 2022 0900 UTC

Link for call: Jitsi Meet

Rachel, Konrad, Filipe

Meeting Notes

  1. Discussion on recent downtime, despite FR-upgrade.
  • RAM was doubled, OS was upgraded to Ubuntu 20, and SWAP memory was set up
  • however a downtime notification was observed
    Action: stay vigilant and if re-occurring visit the FR-homepage to make sure we have a real downtime.
  1. ssh Server access Konrad: now working for staging-FR, and for staging-UK (with the admin privilege downgrade workaround) :+1:

  2. Moving issues from Code Review to Test Ready always brings them to the top. We need to keep an eye on priority-labelled issues when testing.

  3. Discussion around Matomo PR - removing JS tracking code;

  • Open question: if JS tracking code can be replaced by tag tracking code, what is the “use case” for the JS tracking code? Why is it supported? Not clear when should it be used.
    Action: Filipe will test it thoroughly (despite authoring the PR), testers will try to contribute :pray:
  1. VCR PR is merged :tada:
  • we can now write tests to capture real http requests which is relevant for testing Stripe and Paypal